New Weapons: Whips!

I think the title says it all. We should add whips. We keep getting more of the same weapons with different skins and pluses to attributes. It’s time for a new kind of way to bring the pain.


Oh thatd be sick!

Man, if you could use them to whip thralls out of the way when they stand in a doorway or block you into a corner, I’d be all in.



My wife would immediately equip one and my freedom would be destroyed.

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You have a wife, so it’s too late for you anyway. And she can always buy one in real life if she hasn’t already.

I kinda like the idea of a whip - it could do little damage but lots of stagger and potential knockdown (useful when fighting with a hard-hitting thrall or with friends) … Or it could be used to, err, motivate our thralls and pets to fight harder.

And it might solve one of the PvP players’ complaints about their victims running away.

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Could be good for pulling people off their mounts. I like the idea of it doing small damage but attacking fast.

Yes to whips

Hmm. Whip + relic hunter armor… All we’d need is a fedora. :smiley_cat:


Freedom? Marriage is not freedom. Do you have children?

Your wife and you could team up and whip your enemies to death.

Leather,Thick Leather and chain whips. Bladed whips to punished naked players (unarmored). Whips to scale up buildings.

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