New wipe server poll


Yes i have no idea what it is like to grind to 60 over and over. I don’t know what it’s like to be in a game like Conan. I just come here never having done either of these. I guess i am just griefing you.

But seriously, i have leveled up multiple times, and have done it the old fashioned explore and take my time way, and done it in 8-10 hrs game time (no cheating either…just focused on xp crafting and journeys). Have helped multiple clan members do it in 3 hours with my xp method. People who have done the quick xp know this. So grinding is not really that bad. Been an alpha (might still be, but i really hate that term. I prefer oldest most rich clan on server).

You come off as unbeatable and way over confident. You have never been trolled properly. Brimstone lake blockade, daily 1 wall bombings, sandstone spamming.
Hidden shacks just to make the 20+ bombs i need. Can flip a tnt and execute in 2 hours of game play. Any day i want. Then can log on and just hang out in my base eating and drinking every so often, and watch a movie in RL, knowing that you are keeping one eye out for me because of these other things. You may last thru it, but noobs would get tired of looking for brimstone, and not having places to build. They would call on you to help clear land. And that’s not using one cheat or exploit.

Your comments on facing new challenges and such applies to both ideas. Regrinding from 60, or server jumping. It is more challenging in my eyes to do it while leveling up. Jumping servers is the easy way tbh. It would be more troll like. Jump in, blow up some alphas when they are aren’t expecting it, then leave. No risk, because you aren’t tied to their server. If you grind up, you might make friends, have something worth defending to an extent.


It could be same as ark. Go in, blow up the alpha, then they see (so and so from server ____ blew up ____) Place a timer of how long you have to wait to be able to transfer servers again. You are ignoring the fact that I made of how many bored alphas there are. They want to stick to what they have already spent time acquiring. They want big pvp fights, with Gods, bombs, trebs, mass amounts of players. There are so many that are just sitting there bored.

A lot of people will get slammed, yes. But this also opens up servers for some new clans that don’t have to worry about an alpha just sitting there ruling over everything because it was a dead server. Either way, if you get wiped from server jumpers, or you move to a server where the alpha was just wiped, it’s easy to restart as you say. So what’s the problem? It’s PvP for crying out loud.

Being bound to one server is not very PvP freindly, it forces more PvE, and if they want people to do more PvE, then they should add harder dungeons, and give their players reasons to go to the dungeon over and over.


If they can’t defend themselves, then merging with another clan so they can all work together, is always an option. I’ve always hoped one day I can take my clan, and 2 other clans from my server to go raid another populated server, or a dead server that has a massive comfortable alpha.


The problem with this, is it would only benefit current plays, and anyone wanting to join the party late would get on a server see 29 level 60’s, 15 god attack markers and just not be interested. And since every server would technically be open to jumping, then every server they see will be like this, and feel that playing catch up won’t be worth it. they will spread word of mouth that the game is ran bullies, whether true or not.

And if you kill your server as the alpha, that is on you for making it boring. Jumping servers would just kill more servers quickly. The idea of a truly impressive alpha that wants the game to thrive at the same time they dominate, is to let people build up. Let them poke first, then go to war. The way you speak, i doubt your server is as full as you say. You literally like to obliterate everything, and drive balance away. That is fine, but the locust mentality will only kill off officials. As a former big old clan, when we were in control, we loved to feed the lower clans. Trade, let them raid each other. Then when one poked us, we would enjoy some back and forth. Only when they became a trolling nuisance that wouldn’t melee,naked bombed, hid behind lollipop builds, and tried to offline (not off hours, but true offline) raid only, grief when we would be repairing/building (like dying constantly to have body in the way of placing) did we go full on nuke.


Is the leveling the only thing holding you back from doing this?


That is exactly what we do. Our server currently has over 20 players in it and it’s not even raid time yet. We don’t poke unless we are poked first, we trade with everyone.

There’s a clan on our server that was giving everyone crap, even us, and we just wiped them out of a glitch spot and they were saying they didn’t want to mess with us anymore, instead they wanted to just fight with the other smaller clans. I said if they agreed, then we will finish wiping them out of the glitch spot, and I would give them materials, tools, weapons, and armor to rebuild quickly. And that’s what happened, I gave my enemy free stuff because they asked to not fight with us anymore even though they had started it.

Plus this would populate the servers, so yes it will be harder for new people, but more people will come back since their servers won’t be dead and boring like mine was a few months ago.


Why would I just leave behind what I’ve spend 7 months grinding for? Why just throw away all that dedicated work I put in?


I dont get why people are so much attached to all the work they have done, if anyone raids your base into nothing, you are starting from scratch.The game revolves around building to conquer, if you want to build and have it last forever, play on pve or single player.

Also I dont get why anyone thinks allowing to go from one server to another is a good idea, you gonna load yourself with bombs, explode some random base and have nothing on the server whatsoever, at the cost of a hell of an infrastructure on the developer side and numerous bugs added with it.
Do those people ever think what will happen to their stuff when they leave their server with decay? Their base will be decayed, anybody can go there and destroy it, They are losing everything except what is on the character transfered. So just spare all that work and build yourself a new character on the new server.

With the ammount of empty server, there is no reason not to bring mayhem servers back, wiping at 30 days, a portion of the community actually wants to play on said servers.


A portion also wants server transfers for trading and raiding. Which is why I think official servers should get to vote if they want their specific server transferable.

Plus, if I lose my absolutely massive base to other people wiping it, then I’ll fight till the bitter end defending it. I’d rather lose my base that way then to just leave it and look at my time as a waste. I expect to be wiped eventually, but I want another big alpha from another server to challenge me with what they have spent months grinding for.


You don’t have to leave behind anything. if you can’t grind in a day to challenge the other alpha, then you need to research how. Once you are at level 60, bouncing between the servers should be no problem. There have many a groups i talk to that are alphas on one server, and come to another to grind and enjoy the game from the “other” side. But they always refer to their original as home, and that is their priority. If they are getting hit on the home server, they will abandon the new one mid war even. It is the same as jumping 60’s, but with more of a risk/challenge attached. Transferring mats is really the easy way. If i have built up on a server for 6 months and “Earned” my “alpha” status, someone should have to work to challenge me. Not just jump over and wipe without knowing the community and history on that server. And to me, the history of every server is an added bonus to our own lore in the Conan universe. Going to a new server and talking with the OG’s of that server really is one of the great social aspects i get out of the game.


Also, there is a reason that some servers have long term multiple alphas and still a high player count. It usually means that their is a great social connect of some of the less war like clans working in unison with the big, rich clans. Some “alphas” do “tax”, but some also like to give the more casual Conan players a safe harbor, and the Alpha protects them free of charge. Either way, if the server is okay with it, then the player count is usually high. The low player count servers are usually controlled by overly aggressive alphas who have no respect for the Conan lore and don’t care if this game will succeed long term. Again i use the locust comparison. They swarm in, settle all over the map, use every “trick” in the book and wipe any and every one because they can, not because they should. Thus creating a toxic server that casual gamers don’t want any part of, so they leave to either go to a new server, or just quit and move on to another game.


I’d wipe those alphas. My server has a crazy, nasty, beautiful, exciting history. But toxic alphas suck. I can’t be on during raid time on 2 servers at the same time. Our base requires people on to run it, and we’ve only got 2 active members and 2 somewhat active members. So we can’t just live on another server to start over on grinding.


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