New Wipe - [US/CAD] PVPVE Realm of the Damned - No Gods - 2x Gather&EXP - (5/27/2018)

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2x Standard Exp | 3.5x Combat Exp | 2x Gather | 2x NPC Damage | Short Nights
Weekend Raid Times. - Weekday hours tbd.

Two key parts that make this server stand out!

  1. Active admin that doesn’t raid people, but helps regulate the raids and the server. Best admin out there.

  2. NPC damage is significantly increased, so the PvE threat is MUCH more real while PvP is constantly active!

Come join this well run PvP Server on new wipe. Tougher NPCs and regular raid times make this a constantly active exciting server. Not many spots are taken yet so there’s plenty of space and time for new clans to join and get ahead!

Events tbd as well!

IP Direct:

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Time zone for the server?


Based on CST. But got equal players from EST and PST as well.

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Fun server runs well and admins are very helpful and considerate not many players on server yet so get in wile the fettings good :slight_smile:

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I’m the owner of the server and I just wanted to give some more information that will hopefully show that we plan to make Realm of the Damned more than just another Conan server.

To start, we are a group made up of a couple of guilds that worked together on a previous server that showed itself to be unstable due to admin personal issues. Why we understood why the admin closed his server down on short notice, it didn’t take the sting out of the loss of hundreds of man hours our groups spent building, leveling, and socializing.

Our choices were to find an official server with limited slots that would be full during prime time, or take our chances with a private server where we would be at the mercy of another admin. I’m sure that you may be facing the same choices now.

As I thought about those choices I realized that the only sure way that I could keep (most) of us together was to rent our own server. While I knew that the risk of filling a 70 slot server was unlikely, I wanted enough room that most large groups could make the jump if they were wanting to leave the server they were on due to similar issues we faced.

In ending, here are some of the Pros of joining us:
The server is prepaid through the month of August 2018. It is set to auto-renew every three months.
The server is run by stable, mature people, with no desire to create or tolerate drama.
The server rules are simple, act like a decent person, and you’ll be treated as such.
PvP will not become a trollfest here. Base Raiding times are limited so that everyone knows when to expect it.
No god avatars to kick all your hard work down in seconds.
Events will be held weekly to start and more added based on participation.
Admins will be held to strict rules of conduct, and will NOT get involved with server politics.
NPCs/Creatures have been “buffed” a bit to provide more of a challenge, but the exp gain for killing them has also been raised to make it a viable way to level.
The server will soon have a website that will add things like Clan Prestige, Alliance Control Zones, Events, etc.
Resource gathering has also been raised slightly to allow faster building.

Plenty more to come dead man, but if you’re looking for a place to LIVE, LOVE, BURN WITH LIFE, SLAY AND SURVIVE, then Realm of the Damned is the home you’ve been searching for.

We look forward to seeing where your destiny takes you!

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Amazing server so far, I’m really enjoying it! The increased NPC damage really changes things up and makes for a more difficult PvE experience, while also making PvP and raiding a lot more interesting due to thralls also being more difficult.

Glad you like the server, thanks for joining us!

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started playing here, the thrall damage makes it a lot more exciting

Adjusted the night cycle for faster nights.

We’ve posted here, on Reddit, and in the steam forums. We have noticed an increase in players and hope to break the 20 mark by this weekend.

Still lots of great places to build and with the exp and gathering boosts, you can catch up in a day or two.
Base raiding is currently weekends only from 20:00 to 23:00 CST, so hop on and get your base built now!