New Witch Hunt encounter spamming me

I’m playing local single player and I’m having the opposite problem others report: I have an encounter that triggers every single time I walk near it. I have a base just east of Stargazers Crest. When I leave to the west, I get a Witch Hunt encounter. I’ve killed this guy 25x now (5 of him per spawn :p). This is really aggravating. Is it supposed to happen like this? I’ll have to relocate my keep if it keeps up.

edit: I’ve been in this location for a week. I was even playing last night. It just started today.

edit2: Ahh, there was a 2:30p patch. Lovely.

From what i understood, 1 event can pop and be active at any given time per server. The event chosen will be what you’re closest to, so if you hang out at the pirate place out east as the only active person on your session or server, you’ll keep getting the Snake Caravan. In your case that means you’ll keep popping that one.

The way to get around it triggering i’d think then, is to complete that event and immediately moving away to a different event-zone/region.

I could be wrong on this, but when i read that i tried to behave as such and can reliably get events i want to get and am near to. On Private servers.

That’s… awful. I’m going to have to abandon my favorite keep. Alternately: wait for a mod to disable this crap so I can continue playing. Kill me.

I am not sure how close you are to the witch hunt event, or how much distance is required to NOT trigger it… but you could try clearing it always before heading out, OR if you’re far enough just use the Sorcery teleport station to get properly far away without skirting around or through triggering-proximity.

Edit: or map room/blood porting.

I’m just far enough away to reset it when I enter my keep. It’s also in the direct path of going thrall hunting from my keep. It covers the whole choke opint that’s the reason I build there. So it’s gonna hit me on the way out and on the way back.

Ahh ouchies, well at least you’ll get plenty Obolus. I think. Haven’t done the Witch Hunt yet but i assume the reward is decent.

Actually that’s the one upside, though it feels like cheating: I have a nice pile of Obsidian weapons now.

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