New World Order (Dedicated Players Only) Looking for tenants

“New World Order”

Server name:
New World Order (Dedicated Players Only)

Server features: 2xEXP/Mats., Boosted Stamina, Keep Loot after death, In-Game Shop, short nights/ long days, server events and more!

For In-Game Shop, Server Details, Questions, Suggestions and Donations message “friend_of_sinner” via PS message.

All active players and clans on this server qualify for:
-Peace with New World Order
-Beginners Care Package
-Random Loot Drops
-Access to In-Game Shop
-Choice to become either ally or enemy of New World Order.

looks nice but… any ip or discord?

Yes I have a discord for message communications. let me know if you would like to join. my discord is listed on message of the day now. thanks

Hey there my bro and i have spent months on another sever before the carpet was pulled out from us. We like to build city style bases and are dedicated players. We’re interested to know if your server would suit builder players like us. My ps is shoe691.

Hi you can build freely in my server but clans are hostile and raid a lot as it is 10x boosted always PvP. Enjoy