Newb with some ideas

I looked through the pages and didn’t see anything in regards to some items I would like to see in CE.

Dye usage on shields
Personalized shield crests
Orb of Nergal usage on Thralls

On the admin side- I like putting chests in random locations for clan members to find with different items in them. Certain area’s don’t allow building and would be great places to hide treasure. Is there a way around this? I’m on the Xbox platform so that may have something to do with it.


Hi there, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I think Orb of Nergal use on thralls would be a pretty popular option - there are several popular mods that do things along those lines, suggesting plenty of players like the idea - and having an official version would open that up to many other players who might want it but don’t or can’t use mods. I’m sure there are many console players that would love this.

Dying shields/adding personalised crests - not something I’d ever thought about, but I really like the idea :slight_smile:

You got me thinking, and I’d like to add the possibility of personalised banners to the list as well - I think they could work in very similar way to shields in that sense, and would help add a greater personal touch to bases :slight_smile:


Yes… Banners as well… Good call!


Welcome to the Forum. Alot of us would like the ability to dye shields and Orb our thralls shields might be possible doubt server could handle hundreds of customized thralls. As far as the chests there probably more places on the Exiles map than Siptah alot of places blocked their


Always Loved banner form Diablo 3. Alot of options. But no way to be evil/rude with it.

Give plently of reason to do stuff, as you unlock more stuff to use for it by doing stuff.


Imagine the possibilitits.


:heart_eyes: Yes! Just imagine grand banners flying from the towers of player bases. The splendor of that picture!


Funny thing, I was just pining for a dye option for shields last night. Good suggestion!


I agree, this would be great , the only issue I see is that it currently doesn’t seem to work properly on us players, so only Crom know what it would end up doing to one your thralls.

Also, personalised banners, yes!


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