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My friend recently gifted me this game. Since day one I’ve had issues with lagging and getting booted off. We only play co-op together and nothing else. We play on the easiest setting. We have both died a few times and had our inventory stay with use alaron respawning. Recently I installed the battleye program. Qe player for about 1.5 hrs going on a hunt for true indigo, right after we gathered some we went on another adventure. In this adventure we fought some hyenas and a corrupted one and it killed me. When we respawns back at our base, ALL my inventory was gone. Can someone please tell me why. I’m getting extremely pi**ed off at all the issues this game has had, and I really enjoy it. Please pleas help. Or give me a hint as to why this happened.

@Tswerdfeger14 my best guess on the loss of your gear is in between logins you’re no loss on death setting was changed. If you had been able to get back to your body you could have recovered your gear. Carry a bedroll and set it down in dangerous places. Make a new as you roam. The game is addictive been playing since day one on Ps4. As far as PC settings we have some great people on the forum I am sure someone can help with that.

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Losing your gear on death is a game option. All official servers you lose everything.
Private servers can shut that off, and you keep your stuff.

The golden rule of MMOs: Never take anything outside you are not prepared to lose.

Get out of co-op mode and join an official server. See the world, and die a lot.

My question is with 1.5 hours in game, why are you looking for dye making stuff?
Lots more to do than look pretty. (blue dye).
We do not leave the river until we are level 30, and have masks. You were up in the desert where the bigger killers live.

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Hi Tswerdfeger14 and welcome to the community!

Tswerdfeger14 do you and your friend play on an Official or Private Server? Because if either of you have Admin access, this issue is easily overcome. Just follow these steps:

Pause the game (Esc) then go it ‘Settings’. From here go to ‘Server Settings’ and into ‘General’ > and click on the box titled ‘Make Me Admin’. From here go back and into ‘Survival’ > and ensure that the box for ‘Drop Equipment On Death’ is unchecked. Finally, go out again and into ‘Pet And Hunger’ > and ensure that the ‘Use Minion Poulation Limit’ is also unchecked.

You will now no longer drop all of your goodies when you die! This comes with an added benefit. When you wish to return home quickly after travelling long distances you can simply Pause the game (Esc), select ‘Remove the Bracelet’, and choose to respawn at home…with ALL of your goodies still squuarely in your posession!

If you have any other questions please just ask, that is why we are here. Happy gaming.

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Thanks everyone we figured it out.


lol wait til your level 30?? I head for the highlands right after character creation :rofl::rofl: but to be fair, I do have 1k+ hours in this game. And yes I recommend your level 30 rule :+1:

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