Newbie OOC max level increase?

  1. wtf is lightnet? :smiley:
  2. AO has no developers, its been run by PR people and probs 1 supporter
  3. chat for creds? seriously? what a dumb idea


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Assuming this is a serious question (most of your comments are trolling, so I can’t tell):
Lightnet is a player-run bot on RK5 that allows people to send global messages in various categories (shopping, pvp, lft, general). It’s one of the best player initiatives we have :slight_smile:

Due to limitations set by AO, each bot character can have at most 1000 friends. A bot needs to make someone a friend to be able to check their online status and decide if it relays a message or not. Lightnet is run on multiple characters (something like 30 or 40?). Since RK2019 doesn’t allow froob accounts, this would be very costly to set up there.

To join lightnet, type in game:

/tell lightnet !register
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EQ2 has solved this by allowing you to choose which channels you want to listen to, which is a variety of class, tradeskill, general, newbies, faction, etc.

I frequently turn off general chat if it gets annoying. I listen on newbie chat in case they have questions I can answer.

The fact that AO does not have that capability is the devs fault, not yours as customer service or ours as players.

Never, ever, forget that.


And what exactly are the mechanics for listening to new players and responding to their questions?


I distinctly remember a newbie Help channel that high levels could use… think it had a req that only org prezzies could dispense advice…maybe generals too. I know Aiken used it a lot. As to how the mechanics of it worked…no clue.

In the MMO Fallen Earth I liked how they handled chat-- the Help channel was the only global enabled by default. Comments there had to be HELP only. You had to either pay a one time fee or a sub to unlock the others. Since Help was global there was a constant battle between the trolls & mods. The mods handled it with mutes, name changes, and bans. So “Liralen” would become “Liracupcake” for example with a 15 minute, 60 min, 24 hr, 1 week mute or outright ban for egregious stuff.

I don’t see FC doing that as you’d need a staff of 5 or more mods to cover 24/7.


You absolutely can turn off channels.


The question I posed (“And what exactly are the mechanics for listening to new players and responding to their questions?” was in response to Saavick’s reponse to what I had said previously, which Saavick deleted.

She/he provided a description of chat channels available, which were true, but didn’t address his/her opening post, nor my question.

Sorry, I should have quoted Saavick’s response to make clear the context.

My opinion: I agree with Saavick’s OP completely (the deleted post, I did not, so asked for clarification before disagreeing).

It’s only an AO issue.


Ah I deleted my post because I thought it offtopic and later thought I had misunderstood your question when I couldn’t make sense of your follow-up question.

I had interpreted this as meaning that AO does not have the ability to turn off channels, to which I replied with a description of how to turn them off. If you meant that AO does not offer veterans a convenient way to chat with newbies because the global newbie channel is level locked, then I think we agree :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for clarification.

I try hard to never imply, but only say, or ask what I mean. I only ask questions in an effort to clarify.


More to say, but power going out here, 4 times now, and need to check it out.


I agree!


This is a fantastic idea. FC seems to think that a few players toxic behavior is enough of a reason not to have a Global OOC. Back in the day when we had thousands of players I could understand it. Now with the smaller numbers in the community the chances for toxic banter is far less. The ignore function is made for these players. Those first levels with the entire Clan community on OOC where amazing. The community needs to have a way to connect. The last level bump is sort of lonely with everything spreading out and doing their own thing.