Newest patch - my feedback

Hi Funcom,

first, thanks a lot for the newest patches. Here’s what I love about them - my summary for single player / coop with friends:

  • getting thralls (even T4) isn’t such a problem any more (many thanks for the camps, they’re awesome addition)
  • meteor shower works perfectly now, no more shortage of star metal (big thanks)
  • purges are awesome! although my first purge after the major patch did not launch, so I had to “reset” it. But then all my purges launched correctly (purges, I love purges, big thanks no.2 !)
    Old but worth mentioning:
  • bosses in vaults spawn all the time
  • chests in vaults are not empty anymore
    so thank you very much for fixing and adding the above, I again enjoy the game!

What I’d like to report:

  • game crashes too often with “files corrupted, please verify”. After I verify, most of the times all is ok (like 99% times I get “files validation successful”). Then, many times, it crashes during the game loading again. Can you please look into this matter? It is annoying when, sometimes several times before I can get back to the game (yes, I get this error even during intro video/game loading many times, too), I have to verify files which, in the end, are ok anyway
  • followers sometimes “wander”. Meaning they sometimes “run away”, chasing some invisible enemies that aren’t even there. After I command them to move / return, they obey, but when they reach the command point, they again run away (gods know where to :slight_smile: )
  • coop game: the game is sometimes fluent, sometimes “stuttering” after a friend joins my game (coop)

Please take a look at the above, especially so the game doesn’t crash that often

Looking forward for more fixes and more contents. You’re doing great job!

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Try to reinstall the visual c++ redistribution package from microsoft. It has resolved similar crashes for other users in the past.

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Thanks for the tip, Multigun. I will try and let you know if that helped (although I have reinstalled whole game and redistributables a few times in the past with no avail). I will try once more :slight_smile:

Update: Ok, I’m back with an update after a few days testing: I completely reinstalled c++ redistributable pack as you suggested. It did help, but just partially. Although not as often as before (before it was like even 5-10 times a day, now I get it like once or twice a day), but I still get this error. Usually I get it after a fatal error, when game crashes completely. This tends to happen when I’m in vaults, but it occurs randomly. After I try to launch game again, I get the “please verify” error during the game loading after the intro video (sometimes even during the video). After the verification, the game launches normally.

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