Newest patch removed my map and settings window

The newest update removed 3 key things when I load the game. First is I have no more mini map to see. Second is when I press M to pull up the big map all I can see is the legend of what I can turn off or on in the top right, the rest is just where my character is. And my third issue is that if I hit alt and click on settings no window opens.

Its like the map and the settings window is open but invisible because I see the change in the mouse icon and I know I’m in the window but I see nothing and clicking randomly around does nothing.

Anyone have a fix for this? Or am I one of the unique?

The map/mini map of Agartha changed with the newest patch. If you look in the upper right of the screen and see a rotating symbol it means that additional data is being downloaded which might include the new map of Agartha.

Just logged in and check, I am not loading any additional files