Newest update doesnt allow for offline play

We don’t have a true offline mode on PC, the way the console has it. The majority was using a mod (unofficial tool) that no longer works or steam offline but even with steam offline you needed online connection to verify your game copy.


Please refer to our statement above.


This stinks. And offline mode mod is gone too… I want to play in peace without updates braking my mods and balance…

This. Steam used to pride itself for accessibility to combat piracy, but all the forced updates and drm stuff just makes it worse for legit users.

I’m sure the pirates are laughing at us right now since they usually get a cracked offline version anyway. Usually only takes a week or two and they have something up for download. DRM is and always will be incredibly pointless and will go from pointless to counterproductive when the pirated offline versions become less troublesome to work with then the paid DRM filled versions.

Its kind of infuriating to have spent over $100 on this game and all its DLC packs and I get a worse version with more inconvenience then a guy who stole it for a better version.


You have been “looking into” it since 2018 Playing Offline
When are you planing to DO something about it


For those interested to try, go online and after the game rolls, break your connection.
(f.i disable the adapter via network panel/adapters, that’s oke & safe to do for your win-system.

It used to play on just oke. (but this is old info and my personal exp)

Its not completely pure offline so without internet for a minute your skewed nevertheless.

so its a partial solution, - if it still works.

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are you joking right???

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You aways could play offline if you logged to steam offline, not possible anymore, for the first time since early access I will have to uninstall conan exiles as I dont play online for quite some time, just testlive from time to time, it’s essentially an early access title still.

I can’t remember that being true, but I only started playing in March or April, and it’s been a while since I tried it. The first 100+ hours I played, I used the offline mod. I don’t like using mods, so it had to have been the only way I could achieve it.

Did they ever have a decent response to the single player issue?

Okay, but what about this?
“You can still play offline, but for online functions you will probably have to restart”
This is a lie.
"You can still play offline… "
A lie.

Funcom could also just add an offline mode… This mod showed it isn´t hard to do. If a single person can do it a team of developers should be easily able to.

Just wait till XBox gets this update. On Xbox you get random dashboarding. To reset this we have to go to offline play for a couple minutes and then log back into live services…

Still waiting for a reply. After 2 years of looking into it. How close are you to a solution?


honestly all you would need to do is make it so you can get to the main menu offline (not in offline mode for reasons) the offline mod lets you play from there

lol if only steam offline mode recorded your hours played hehehe

just so everyone knows the offline mod is found here and does work but the new update doesnt allow the game to start at all without internet so you cant actually use the mod

An official offline support would be better…Why can’t we do that without mod ?

No multiple save slots, no cloud support, no offline single player… they REALLY shouldnt be allowed to list a game on steam as single player unless they at least make it offline.