Newish server 3x xp 3x gathering. looking for population

Looking for mature gamers . To fill my server. Only rules are Dont be a Dick. No offline raiding. And just play. (reason for the offline raiding goes beyond timelines and is sad. ) looking for players and clans alike. have fun play the game. Looking for admins as well pm me. But admin abuse is not tolerated. Not looking for donations at this time. This started as a building server for me and my wife. Weve decided to advertise to get more people on. simple rules. If ya wipe someone for simply existing ya went too far. Ip

server name Conan 3x Xp and Gathering. Wiped 1-11

also open to any suggestions . and 50% reduction in crafitng and 20 reduction in thralls. but open to any suggestions to help the solo crowd