News about the Overhaul of the thrall system

One of the core systems next to the Building System of this great game is the Thrall system. The overhaul and further development of this system is one of the most discussed themes on this forum.
There are so many interesting suggestions for this system, the most favorite suggestions are:

  1. Naming Thralls
  2. Commanding Thralls (Attack/Come back …)
  3. Training for Thralls
  4. More Functions for Thralls (I.e. Musicians, Guards, …)
  5. More immersive possibilities for Thralls
    (Emotes for Thralls, waypoint system for Thralls…)
  6. Freeing Thralls/executing Thralls
  7. More variety for Thralls (Thralls with beards, scars, different height…)

Are there any news in which direction this overhaul will go? Please give us a little foresight! :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pleading_face:


Gah, I read the title and hoped it was news, not just a request for news. Still, +1 for raising the question again!


Yes it has to be asked again and again and again. In my opinion this overhaul is the most important one. It would give the game so much more intensity and it would be a great improvement for the actual gameplay :innocent:

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I agree. Having a entertainment area with thralls actually playing instruments would have my wife and I purchasing a dlc for it. And animation for parked thralls would help also.

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We didn’t get any “overhauls” since release and it is highly unlikely we will get one. In fact the only confirmed overhaul was “new combat system” back in the beta.

You mean they only finished one overhaul till today: the combat system. Funcom is working on a few overhauls, at least they talked a lot about: the overhaul of the siege/PvP system, the overhaul of the thrall system, a better UI for inventory etc. … They also talked about an overhaul of the gods.

Agree. If I may make an addition @TwoJay, this one having come up again recently, a ‘change dance’ option for Dancer thralls, one on them being a ‘stop’ option.

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The “attack” command is huge. Currently I have to almost let myself be hit to get my thrall to attack. There are a few instances where I can get it to attack without me being damaged, but they are few and far between. A targeted attack would be awesome.

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Agreed, an attack command would be good, and a “heel!” command even more so, so the frothing mad(wo)man I have following me doesn’t murder an entire city just because I want to recruit a few people.


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