Every new pvp server i keep entering level 60s constantly attack us when we do our own stuff. We make to the river from spawning in and get attacked, and told we’re hunted. Theres too many builds on the river even from lvl 60s so we have to go build elsewhere only to get attacked just by exiting our base and going to anywhere on the map. We fight npcs then lvl 60s blindisde us whilst we are fighting. Theyre on horses and guess what you guys still let horses cause trample damage outside of raid hours so we stand no chance when we have nothing good. We do another server build a building, not even lvl 30, all sandstone, and then lvl 60s blow it up the same day we build it. I don’t know when every last server known became so toxic you can barely be on it especially when servers constantly crash or more likely since its raid hours people cheat the server to kick everyone else off but them, but this is absolute trash. It makes the game’s pvp servers unplayable and how anyone has fun just raping low levels is beyond me. Side note: developers for the love of all this holding your company together do something about the stupid server crashes. i.e. aerver 3593 american server has been down about 2 hours now. Thats out of its raid hours which begs anyonr like myself, who knows people can do it, to believe that someone is raiding on that server while no one else can enter.

I agree about the server crashes, it happens a few times a day and will be back online short after.
Also something has to be done for PvP.

I don’t agree aboout the rest, I call it survival.
You handle the few servers you joined as all the servers.

But the problem is, there is no real PvP anymore. So stalking others is an option to kill the time.

So you are upset about being killed on a pvp server?

Um…what…what were you expecting to happen?

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Im upset that people are playing toxic. Pvp is awesome, but you should still be able to play the game, if you walk to anywhere on the map and get attacked as a low level by high level you cant play too much. It isn’t about survival at that point its about courtesy. Pvp is fun when its more equal on the fighting

“Anymore”? Based on what I’ve seen on various MMOs, PvP mode everywhere attracts people who want to bully newbies. They were never there for fair fights, they were there to pick on weaker people. You could have the best PvP mechanics in the world, and still you’d have people going out of their way to harass and bully newcomers.


Toxic clans are the worse thing that can happen to a server. Sad part is that apparently u can only fight dirt with dirt.

One solution could be, when Players could choose to take Part on PVP or not. The ganking of low Level Players is not forbidden. but for me this feels toxic, i would never act so, my attitude would not allow me to act so. But of course that is personal.
But if small Players, let’s say until Level 30 or so could choose not to take part on pvp actions, this could help here. but i guess, that is not possible or at last difficult with the existing game mechanics.

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ZevLexx ^^Can you join funcom? Lol

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