Next chapter request

Now that 3.0 features are out, lets talk about 3.1 because the defined has never been where I like to be. Call me a Schrodinger type of person.

So anyways. I would like the ability to use the orb of nergal as a means to reskin my thralls. You can use the generator or select alternative skins like…ohhh say the defunct undead thralls from the Witch Doctor feat.


Agree it would be nice to ‘reskin’ thralls but i think it shouldn’t be free - costs just a bit of something - sorcery related resource maybe?

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Legendary weapon rework. Give them unique effects that you cannot produce, like heating or corrupting since they lost their bonuses,any of these weapons are just glorified weapons you can craft.

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Find some way to institute the undead creatures into the new sorcery system. I love what I see but I also don’t want to loose those creatures that were already designed because they are cool and their immunity to most effects provide real benefit that most have ignored.

A flaming sword would be awesome! The fire gives a glow effect in dark situations and the flames themselves could cause a “burn” debuff for extra damage.

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