Next dlc? We cant wait. ☺️


Then show me, quote me, where did i stated what you wrongfully claim i said here :

And where did i said that any aspect of the game should get any knid of priority over any other aspect of the game, has you wrongfully claim i said here :

You wont be able to produce anything to back your claims, because i never said any of what you are attributing to me. You’r just making-up stuff for … reasons.

My Statement is that the maintenance team’s and the content team’s budgets are in competition. Therefore, content and maintenance themselves are in competion. Contrary to what implies the commun claim :

And this statement has been complemented by my judgement about how Funcom deals with this : i have no critics about how they proceed.

@GodsOfExiles : Sorry, no. With the subject partly being the delay for the 2nd DLC of season 2, it’s highly relevent. And i allaways try my best to dispell the illusion of knowledge to the benefit of actual knowledge whenever, wherever possible.

Agreed, @SuperDuperOtter and @Oduda , please take the personal discussion from this thread. Yes, you both are debating the resources part of DLC impact, but the OP was more trying to get an idea of what everyone wants/hopes when it is released.

Ok, fine.

What about some meso-america looking stuff. I mean Aztec/Maya looking stuff. Is there anything like that in the original lore ?

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You don’t have to hire/fire people on a whim, though some companies do that, particularly in the art departments (it’s harder to do with coders). I have friends who have been tossed (or jumped) from one company to another on 1-month, 3-month, 1-year tops projects for years. In any case, it’s much more common to assign resources (ie people) to other projects instead, depending on priorities.

In any case, how Funcom runs their teams internally really is no business of ours. We should only look at what the output is - and it’s perfectly fine to be unhappy with seeing DLC while promised base features don’t happen, if one is so inclined.

Note: I don’t personally care if we ever see more sorcery, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

Riders of Hyboria Pack? Will there finally be mounts? I’d think that would be a base game thing. But that names isn’t race/culture specific either so I’m very curious as to what’s coming!

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If it ever happened, which it won’t, it’d be as a base game thing, yes.

It may not be quite as specific as the other culture packs (the name is not in the title), but there’s still a number of traditional “rider” peoples in Hyborian lore - the Hyrkanians for example. Odds are it’s a culture pack for them just like the others.

Yeah I figured as much. And I love the culture packs though they never have enough placeables for me!

Don’t get up the hopes up about mounts in general.
I believe with some of the DLC’s, a base game patch was released right before that tied into it. Pets were done like that. Released right before/at the same time as savage frontier if i am not mistaken.

So a game mechanic update with a new DLC right around the same time is not unprecedented.

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That would mean the “rider of hyboria” would come with pet skin most likely, damn ><

But hey, bright side of thing would be a “shadow of stygia” dlc tied to necromancy placeable & a brand new patch along side ? :3 Pliz ?^^


Of course there will be a new update with this new DLC, not only a patch. It has to be. And I really hope Funcom will bring up the promised Thrallsystem together with an improvement for Thrall and Pet AI and more settings for the admins and players. This would not only be a base game thing, I would say this would be a milestone and the most important and necessary update for this game.


Who needs mounts? We all have a beamer for travel and feets. :grin::v:t4:

I just want pants, tired of running around in a kilt/dress lol


Stygian Raider, Relic Hunter, Black Hand, Silent Leigon and Reptile armours all have pants Rlesley. Also a few others which I cant think of at the moment too.

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That is a cool idea for an dlc. :smile::v:t4:


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I need more carpets! For floor and walls. Rungarok!

the hyborian raider (from elephant hide)

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Yup thats another one. Oh I cant wait for some more new content. Oh and @Muelee how about some more Fur/Pelt Rugs too…?


i’d love some more light armor that isn’t… armor… the blackhand and the relic hunter armor is nice but i’d like some more!

:orange_book: Updated the Downloadable Content wiki page with ETA notes.

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