Next Siptah update

I’m curious about what’s next for Isle of Siptah. Last I heard the map was going to become larger, npc camps added etc. I know you guys at Funcom are probably working hard right now, but a small teaser would be well appreciated - a screenshot or two to show what we can look forward to :slight_smile:

What’s coming is detailed in the 2.3 patch notes on Testlive already. As has already been stated as well, the new land areas it’s not part of this update.

Oh ok, I wasn’t aware of that, but thank you for the info.

Stygian armor (female)
Stygian Armor (female)

Stygian armor (male)
Stygian Armor (male)

I think they really came out nice looking. Great job to the art department!

(this is just my name: Given that they have a sun symbol, perhaps its Stygian Sun Armor? We’ll have to wait for an official statement before we can get a proper name for it)


Stygian Camp (big one) - here’s a couple samples

Accursed Camp (big one) - here’s a couple samples (one of the new ruins and the camp itself)

Black Corsair Camp (big one) - a sample

So, yes, Funcom has been very, very busy. They are making good on their promises (see Producer’s letter from December 2020) and working hard to make the Isle of Siptah a great game experience.


Looks grear

Yeah, i agree about the stygian armor, looks fantastic. Any stats on that one yet?

Look for Pixelcave on youtube. He has several videos on the new content. Really nice showcase of what’s to come with 2.3.

Look at that picture: The male armor has antigravity boots! :stuck_out_tongue:


+10 str with T4 armorer (heavy).


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