Next Test live update?

It’s been nearly 6 weeks since any major test live update, when is the next test live release scheduled for ?

Are you still waiting for a horse rebalance patch?

I am pretty sure they won’t do that.

But I am also kinda negative today.

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The forums are dead in relation to upcoming patch or game balance. Funcom’s gone silent.



you better reign it in, that was a bit too punny.


I wonder if anyone has done a Gallop poll to see how much people like.dislike horse PVP.


Hey there,

They’re currently working on a console parity patch. Please read the replies linked in this comment first for some information regarding recent patches and patching in general.

The next TestLive patch will be announced when the time comes. There is currently no ETA for the next content update.

See also: Upcoming features.

Please note, the TestLive forums are for feedback relating to ongoing TestLive patches. Try to keep discussion to General Discussion in the future.

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People that dont even play PVP would probably vote for that they like it, so it would not work.

I know…i was being pfunny. gallop pol…get it, horses, Gallop.


We have not recovered from the last one, and they want to pile on more. I know that song…

Another Update

I think a lot of the staff are on summer vacation and when they return I bet it will be all hands on the deck for the expansion map.

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