Next update forecast just for information?



Hello, good to take time and do internal testing before realeasing the next patch. But do you have a forecast for next update ? just for us to know.

I also hope you will put a limit on numbers of vaults allowed for a clan/players. This is actualy a game breaker, and the solution to reduce hp of the vaults is not the good one I think, at least in term of gameplay.

many thank.


Can’t say much about the upcoming release schedule.

When it comes to vaults I see the change to HP resulting in:

  1. On official servers there will be either more vault spam to compensate the lower HP by increasing the number of vaults or there will really be less vaults around. I tend to option one.
  2. On private servers which already limit the amount of vaults per clan/player they will be used a harvest collectors or trash cans.


on official servers hp reducing will mean more vaults deployed and games totally broke :slight_smile:


Limiting game play is not good either.
I would rather not even start with restricting how the game is played. It can only end badly.


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