Next Update PS4

Does anyone know when a new update is coming for PS4?
Because slowly I find the lags in the dungeons a bit stressful.
I also have to honestly say that the loading screen is also really annoying.
Unfortunately, it no longer shows the video scenes only individual pictures.

Please do not write your problems with the game in this thread, because this thread is only intended to answer the requested information.

Next year :+1:t3:

Oof really, thats a lil bit salty.

Depends :stuck_out_tongue:
I will probably be a better version on release ^^

next year !!!

This answer already existed, just writing something so that you can say something is not exactly useful.:wink:

In addition, there will definitely be an update beforehand, updates are not always extensions of the game. Updates can also be patches.:v:t4:

yeah just needed lvl to write a report on some people on my serv but yeah obviously well get updates, but explaining the meaning of update and patch isnt really a good answer either bro!! anyways good answer :rofl::kissing_heart:

If you install an SSD in your PS4, the loading times are much faster.

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