Nimble weapon perk and Sigils

Have two questions!

1.) I got a pair of daggers that have the weapon perk “Nimble” on them. After checking the wiki and doing a google search I came up with nothing. Does anyone know what this does? The weapon in question was the Voidforge Kris.

2.) Has anyone figured out exactly what each of the Sigils do when active? Some of them seem fairly self explanatory and easy to figure out, some are vague and not so easy to figure out. Like the Goblin Sigil claims it boosts your hardiness, or the Wolf-brothers one says it boosts your “ability to coax more out of their mounts.”

1- I got them too and no idea :). It seems to me Funcom wants to introduce a bit of cryptic bonuses, there is a couple of those. Not a fan, until somebody tells me what it does, i wont be using it, i couldnt deduce myself if it does anything.

2- There was an old xls with the data, tough things might have changed since then

Type Name Quote Effect Extra
Good to have Sigil of the Fiend “Preventing them from losing other sigils that they have in effect” Pretty obvious.

Fighting Sigil of the Serpent “Boosting the ability to remove poison from their blood” Heals poison in ~3 seconds Currently bugs with Jhil’s gloves

Fighting Sigil of the Snakemen “Boosting the thickness of their blood” Heals from bleeding in ~3 seconds

Buff Sigil of the Outsider “Scouring corruption form their soul.” Slowly removes corruption

Exploration Sigil of the Demon “Allowing them to run further without rest.” About 50% stamina usage reduction for sprinting

Exploration Sigil of the Bat “Boosting their ability to jump when sprinting” About 50% further jumping while sprinting

Fighting Sigil of the Wolfmen “Providing them health for every enemy killed” +20 hp for each kill Needs some more test to confirm health amount

Fighting Sigil of the Goblin “Boosting their hardiness” Lowers damage received (-30%?) Needs some more test to confirm dmg reduction %

Exploration Sigil of the Wolf-brothers “Boosting their ability to coax more out of their mounts” Mounts use a bit less stamina ~10% less? needs more tests

Fighting Sigil of the Twice-Drowned "Allowing them to make occassional attacks without stamina cost 20-25% of attacks won’t use stamina

Buff Sigil of the Drowned “Boosting their ability to carry while injured” % of health loss is turned into % of carry capacity needs more tests

Farming Sigil of the Gremlin “Boosting their capacity to recover resources” +1 harvest power (stacks with multipliers)

Exploration Sigil of Jhil’s Brood “Boosting their ability to survive long falls” Allows to survive falling from higher points, not much though, about 50% higher, needs some more testing

Exploration Sigil of the Harpy “Giving them ability to cling tenaciously to walls when they should have fallen.” If you run out of stamina while climbing, you will start to lose HP and will not fall down

						Made by CurtChan

Thanks for this! I wish they could have included this in the actual game, even if they left the vague flavor text in the Info panel and just showed the actual stats when you mouse over the Sigil in your stats page.

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