Nitrado Hosting Ps4 Servers

I really believe you should open up to other hosting companies like nitrado since your g-portal is fully sold out you already allow pc ones shouldn’t be to big of a change to include ps4 servers here too.



Nitrado said on their official forums, they are awaiting on Funcom to respond, So far I haven’t seen a Statement or a Response. It’s clear G-Portal isn’t working out. Not enough Servers, overpriced (€18 for a month!? Nitrado charge me £9 for Ark and Conan on PC), bugs being reported on these forums all the time about these servers.

Think Funcom needs to make a statement on this and address us on what’s going on.

I am afraid this change wont be that smooth. Gportal is their official partner and they will have to change a lot (not only the server provider, datas, but also contracts).

But the longer you have server rented from Gportal, the more you realize you want to run away :slight_smile: I got 1 month “test” server and will be moving after that - not happy with their setup at all.

Definitely is something that needs a official response to clarify. Countless posts I see on here on a daily basis. Nobody is asking G-Portal to pop their Clogs, but instead to have more Server Variety and Providers to ensure players get the most out of the game. Competition is healthy too to bring server prices down to a respectable level.
It should be the Players that are top Priority after all. Response would go a long way.
Waiting on you Funcom! :blush:

I’m pretty sure that Funcom had Business-Talk with more than one prof. Serverhoster before Launch.
So the Partnership with G-Portal means: There is money that rules out who is allowed to host.

Beside that I think, that the situation at G-Portal will most probably will be improved, when the additional official 300 Servers will be available (to my knowledge, these additional 300 Servers also will be hosted at G-Portal).

Source (additional 300 Server coming):

According to Nitrado they’re still awaiting a response and urge folks to get a response from Funcom as regards to servers.

Thus hopefully bumping this post will hopefully get their attention and make them issue a response to this question. It’s likely they’re gonna stick to G-Portal and that’s that. But without confirmation on that, as they have been silent, I’ll cling on to the hopes of other server hosts like Nitrado getting a look in. :+1:

Seems daft/odd after all to allow PC and Xbox Nitrado but not Ps4.

Not there to take everything to nitrado, but with two companies managing. We will have more servers and I will be able to go more fluid … I think !!

Indeed. Plus competition to bring server prices down and servers. More servers mean more players. Also happy customers :+1:

Damn straight! It was a pretty naff move of G-portal to up minimum slot to 20. But if they have a monopoly on it they can do as they wish i guess. I only want to rent a server for about 5 of us

I hope we all get a official response on this soon. Will keep bumping this post until we do.
Recommend everyone else does the same.

Also G-Portal. Make 10 player servers and charge fairly :+1:

Honestly i would rent a server now just to get one saved if they did 10 player servers. Having to double up the cost for another 15 slots we won’t just isn’t worth it at the moment

Me too. Want to play with a small squad of mates, but can’t unless I Coop and that has it’s own set of problems… I’d buy one if they were charging near £9 for a 10 player server.

Can’t justify paying €18 per month for 20 slots. 10 extra slots we’ll never use.

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Really do want Funcom to reply. Keep seeing posts like this appear.

Same. It would be nice to get some feedback.

It sure would be great to get some kinda of answer but with all the other issues going on lately probably will be awhile xD

Hopefully get a response on this soon.

id be happy with 24hr support tbh instead of 12hr support …so I don’t have to send out support tickets when I wake up and reply to them on my lunchbreak lol … because when I’m actually home and want to play its out of hours …so ive got a good 12hr wait before I can talk to support if theres a problem with my server …witch there has been every day since launch …its been down for 27hrs atm…funny how my nitrado pc servers up always but gportals ps4 server is constantly down hmmmmm

I’d consider renting a server if the price was right and the performance on point. Nitrado would do that

10 player servers please Funcom!
Keep bumping and hope for a response soon :+1:

Agreed. It could really do with 10 player servers. But i doubt they will because $$$