No 1st person or vanity camera while mounted? (PC)

Is this intended?

Hey @Ch_Ru

This is intended as in it hasn’t been implemented yet. We’ll send a suggestion to our team to add this feature in.
Thanks for the feedback.


Seconding that role players would very much like this option of the vanity camera while mounted. Thanks for passing that on!

The mount is not needed, it will take a thrall spot n be put in a coral just to say we got one. Camera view …really.

Vanity cam doesn’t work, but Alt + Z still does. And since the Horse has free cam mode like Vanity does, it works the same in function.


It solves part of the problem but I know when I’m streaming during a role play session I like to have the vanity as a second camera angle to flip to in a sense rather than just the single angle if that makes sense. So the vanity camera for me is a much used asset so I can have multiple view without throwing the angle really quick and making people dizzy in a conversation.

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Oh yeah, i need that to see who is chasing me… Good to hear it’s been suggested for implementation

You can do that anyways without vanity cam while mounted. Mouse is independent of that of the horse direction commands, so you can look around 360 degrees and walk/run in the same direction while mounted.

Vanity cam would be used for a different purpose, such as how Bitter describes above your post.

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