No access to expansions

I played as a froob for about a week to see if I wanted to come back to AO. I decided to stay and started up a paid membership (3 months). Membership rewards said that I should have access to the different expansions. I tried to speak to the Alien Handler to try an Alien daily mission. Was told I needed the Alien Invasion expansion. Is there something else I need to download to use the services I have already paid for?


Hi Baltus,

I’m sorry to hear you aren’t yet able to access expansion content on your account. If you upgraded very recently, you may need to wait 15 minutes and then close and restart the game completely from your computer’s desktop. This will ensure the system’s able to see your most up-to-date account status.

If this doesn’t help, or if you find there was a problem with your purchase, please contact Support directly through email or through our Live Chat service for further assistance.

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