No Blacksmith in the Swamp

Looks like you forget to place a Blacksmith in the swamp or they are hidden i am running around for along time online in a lot of camps no one at the bay or the one cave camp and the other small camps, so i ported around in singleplayer to find some but camps are anyway very rare in the swamp. Compared to the desert or the north the swamp looks pretty unfinished for me sry… at the bay are 2 little spots with thralls you cant even reach without climbing and you have to care the thrall dont die when you go down ( there is a named archer )

There’s a tunnel with some water (sorry i forget the name) in some ruins, that is a major camp for the relic Hunters, aka Pirates. There are some blacksmiths that spawn there.

I have seen now that they are spawning random at the bay, after cleaning it many times a lvl 1 and a lvl 2 blacksmith spawns, just the alchemist the dancer and the cook has fixed spawpoints. i got one from the ship before. they should also have a fixed point there with a named like on the pirate ship in the desert. there a lot of cooks in the swamp.