NO Bug: "Lost Connection / Green Screen"

Game mode: April´s Fools
Type of issue: No actual issue
Server type: all
Region: nowhere near serious

Apparently I did not manage to exxagerate enough to make clear that this post of mine was a prank. Green ingame flatscreen? Well…

@Ignasi & the community team: I admire the way you are doing this job, and the fact that this April´s Fools Day Prank could in any way be taken seriously only intensifies this.
Apologies for taking your time :grin: :man_shrugging:

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I can only imagine. Kudos to your Patience, also in case of my post! :wink:

When I read these ragereports here or on reddit, I sometimes start to question people´s sanity a little… Let´s hope it´s only a question of age.

Aaand … thanks for not beeing angry at me :grin:


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