'no building cost' does not trigger purge in 1p

Recently encountered a series of events that lead me to believe buildings built in admin mode using ‘no building costs’ will not trigger the purge in single player.

  1. Built a base with cost. Purge started as expected. Decided to move and deleted the original base using admin commands.
  2. Built a series of large T3 bases around the map. Three of them were built with cost, two of them with ‘no building cost.’
  3. Bases built with cost triggered a purge when I was close by, bases built with ‘no building cost’ would not trigger a purge when I was close by.
  4. With full purge bar, waited around for at least an hour at ‘no building cost’ base with purge not starting. Visiting a base built with cost started the purge immediately.
  5. With full purge bar at ‘no building cost’ base, using admin commands to start purge does nothing.
  6. ‘No building cost’ buildings were built with at least 300 T3 building pieces, definitely big enough for the purge to recognize.
  7. Removed 150+ T3 foundations from ‘no building cost’ base and replaced them with cost. Same results, purge will not start.
  8. Deleted all bases except the largest (built with ‘no building cost’). Same results, purge will not start at ‘no building cost’ base.
  9. Disabled all mods, no result.
  10. Started new game, built same base in same location using stacks instead of ‘no building cost,’ purge started with no issue.

Hey @DickRiculous

Thanks for sharing your findings with us. We have sent your detailed report to our team to see if we can replicate this issue on our end. :slight_smile:

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