No Building In Wine Cellar Dungeon: Lets Talk!

SoC was an example of rare item but yeah to each their own

Here are some images I posted in a seperate thread illustrating that it is possible to build Bedrolls in other dungeons. I know that some other members were curious and hoping to see this themselves.

A compromise to allow an option to toggle dungeon building on and off would be a good middle ground.


That is a fair idea Nereth. I can list SO MANY problems and disputes between modes, which could be solved by simply adding in some additionsl Admin Settings.

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I expect next year will be a year of refinements as this year has been full of dungeons. Hopefully we can see some awesome new changes then!


There is some places you can build in sp where you can’t on official.

Imo they should make a sp/admin toggle so you could choose build anywhere or as on official


if only the final boss didnt have a hour long respawn timer and the loot it droped was worth waiting hours to get (ive killed him 41 times now THATS 41 HOURS OF TRYING and still have yet to recieve the scyth or the heavy armor recipe. i have gotta the raider armor recipes almost 20 times and have started passing it out to people in my server) its fun to do 1 time and then maybe a few times to get extra water skins and the club but after that you just run through the enemys to get to the last boss because collecting the steel is pointless and the mini bosses drop absolutly nothing aside from the steel thats use for meh armor and even more meh weapons.

Which doesnt exist anyway…
You get 3 recipes: weapon, light and medium armor. No heavy armor :wink:

But the Scythe exists.

well screw me

also the scyth is kinda janky as well after knowing this that tells me that theres literally no reason to do this dungeon or engage the content outside of the first time or two

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Yeah and you dont need to even go far into the dungeon for Khari steel… I usually run to the first 4 chests (all before the jump over the bridge). Have >200 (~250) now…

Warmaker dungeon has a big amount of different weapons. There it makes perfect sense to make it several times…

In the wine cellar it feels forced, because only 1 boss drops sth (and Szeth at the beginning) and the drop rate is so low, that you need to make it more often… Not because you really want to.

Altough the demon spider queen is cool!! Her AoE attack alone… Can you enounter this boss somewhere else in the game?

you sure can one of the islands out in the jungle and in the cave scuttlers shortcut

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Just one wee bump, as I have seen several threads of people displeased with dungeon progression.

I just did it for 1st time, didnt have much issue till 1skull boss who remove most of my hp in 1shot…
i really want the well for my home…

I ended up using admin panel for god mode on and off… It felt my choice of light/med was just not gonna work in there.
Tempted go back with thrall… thou not sure how gonna get them past bridge I had use fly mode for. (outside placing them after wards…thou I’m sure the "can’t build here message will pop)

Wonderful dungeon, one of best. And the Boss itself was pretty cool. (2nd to black keep)

Do the 1skull boss all just give 1 level as a reward? Went from 52 to 53, then 54 to 56. Just kinda like wow…

Yes. I think this may be a bug. I use a mod that increases level cap to 140, and I’m still getting a full level-up or two every time I kill one of those at level 120+. As I’m not sure if this is intended, I tend to let my thrall strike the finishing blow.

Try jumping down… you dont die. Funcom are not that sadistic… You will be teleported back to the dungeon entrance.
Was said in the preview stream and I even tried it one time.
To sum it up: you can take a thrall with you. Even when he/she would fall down, nothing tragic would happen.

Oh yeah, neglected to answer this. Just have the thrall normally on Follow mode, jump across the broken bridge and continue along the path. The thrall will teleport across the chasm to you after a while.

I was part way thru place before they finally did sadly… next time I’ll try set it down, and see if its blocked.
That 10min timer is killer…

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