No Clans/No Base Destruction/America Only/Solo Paradise PS4

New server designed for people who prefer to play as solo against other solo players. This server has no base destruction but pvp is permitted against the player themselves. Rules will be strictly enforced and you must read them and the rest of this post in its entirety for access. Adults only, im a very active player and admin so access to me is easy. Im strict but fair. I made this server for other solo oriented players.

All communications with me should be handled through private message on this forum.

Server Name: No Clans/No Base Destruction/America Only/Solo Paradise

Server Settings:
No base destruction by players
Player vs Player combat permitted (no base damage)
Default settings except where noted
Days longer
Nights shorter
Dawn/Dusk slightly longer
Resource respawn decreased
NPC respawn decreased
No Gods
Sandstorm enabled
Purge enabled level 6
Spoil rate reduced
Hunger rate turned down
No clans designed for solo players to avoid groups
Friendly fire set to normal damage rate
Thrall conversion time cut in half
Building decay disabled
Weapon decay disabled
Corruption disabled
Players stay in world so log out wisely
Contatiners ignore ownership (see note below)
No voice chat through server to improve performance

*note on containers…place wisely and enclosed within a base to avoid theft

Server Rules:

Base Building:

You are permitted to have 2 bases

Bases must have as small of a footprint as possible

Bases must be self contained on the ground (no trees or pillars as an example)

Bases must not be built blocking resource spawns

Bases must not block pathways in any way

You are permitted to have a camp (other than bases) that consists of a bedroll and campfire that must be removed when you move from area

Bases must not be built over waters

Nothing can be built to alter environment except at your base locations or noted above.
Note: this means that im trying to keep the environment as free from any player structure as possible.

Bases must not be built in or attached to ANY preexisting structure such as ruins, bridges etc.

No building of anything that hinders other players bases will be permitted

Bases are encouraged to be enclosed to avoid theft

A very simple bridge crossing waterways for thralls can be placed with reason


Rules will be strictly enforced

Only players approved will be permitted on server

No glitching to circumvent server rules such as logging out and on frequently

No player griefing in starter areas

These rules can be revised at my discretion.

Access to server:

To gain access to my server you must send me a private message on these forums with the following:

PS4 name

The password will be sent to you and is approved only for you.

All communication with me should be handled through pm’s here.

Anybody that can follow the rules will have a good home server for Conan Exiles. If you follow the rules you will have zero interference from me on your play experience. Im just trying to be as transparent as possible.

*note this was previously a death is death type of server but there were no players that joined so I will play that style offline.

Open and slots still available.

New server rules and type of play.

Any who are solo oriented this may be the server for you.