No cocodrile boss in gallamans cave

Thank you for your answer. Going to war is really impossible thing to do. They are too strong. Do you know how to report this??

I will try diplomacy meanwhile but i think wont success

Thank you again

screen shots or a video of the base, the location from the map, name of the clan (tag somewhere on that base with a repair hammer) and send in a DM to a forum moderator.
they will need server number as well. As far as them doing something, ehhh, don’t know yet.

Youre welcome buddy. As a purely Offline Singleplayer reporting online issues is a bit outside of my area of knowledge Roykmc, so I cant say for certain, and I dont want to give too much suggestion here just incase it is incorrect. However, I would recemmend doing what @WhatMightHaveBeen suggested, and sending it directly to a Community Manager such as Ignasis, Hugo or Tascha in a private message. Then cross your fingers and hope for the best mate. Good luck!

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