No dead marker after death, losing lvls and loging in at a different place then where i logged out

Game mode: Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug| Misc
Region: Europe

Today i died, no dead marker, so i couldn’t find my body. When i checked my stats not only did i lose a whole level went from 38 back to 37, i also lost all the locations i discovered, there where a few :sleepy:

But i kept going and did alot of it again, found a few places i lost. But i had to leave home, so i closed the game down (logging out, closing application). Just now i logged back in and sure thing lost the level again and the locations i discovered. But not only that i also am back in a place i was 6-7 hours ago, before all this.

This isn’t the first time this occured since i started playing, i am having a lot of fun but these kind of things take the joy out of playing this great game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: