No drop on death till crashes under control

I would like to suggest “ no drop on death” on pve servers till crashes are reduced. It is beyond frustrating to lose everything you have worked hard to get due to crashing and respawning in the desert and finally get back to where you died and no body. I think it would also help us to stop avoiding places like dungeons and the volcano due to the fear of crashing and losing everything.

On PVE servers, then it will be generally boring and no emotions from the game. The loss of things, even rare ones, at least somehow brightens up the grayness of days. It is enough to do so that the opportunity to pick up your things was not 10 minutes, but 15 or 20 minutes.

I am puzzled by how losing everything would brighten your day lol. I find there are many more things in this game that keep us from being bored and are far more enjoyable in my opinion.

Short answer- Nope. I rarely crash and when i do and i died- i go get my stuff.

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