No Gportal server option in my area?

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hey guys, i want to buy my own server within the next fortnight but the Australian server option is no longer showing in GPortal. I’m aware this is a separate company but was hoping someone here knows why the server i want isn’t there when once it was? since they do offer Conan servers? i was going to wait until the frustrating purge meter and sandstorm issues were fixed before going ahead with it but changed my mind, however the server option i want is no longer there. it needs to be Australian as that’s where i live.

thank you.

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Hello @UnbreakableMare, you’ll need to reach out to G-Portal for any information regarding private servers either through their forums or by submitting a ticket.

Support Forums:

Support Ticket:

Thank you for those Links Hugo, i couldn’t see those when i looked at GPortal first. i’ll now go ask them :slight_smile:

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