No.... I haven't been there yet

I read stories on the forum of Player’s adventures in the Exiled Lands, exploring this cave or that, fighting that really hard boss, etc.

Some of the places and encounters mentioned I have not yet experienced myself.

Name something, or somewhere you see mentioned frequently by other Players that you have not experienced yet yourself.

A good time on Official PvP… Never seen that yet (I dropped PvP rather fast though) :rofl:

Well, I had no idea about the changes made to Mekkamose’s tower, and I was playing through most of the Age of Sorcery , somehow I managed to completely miss all of that.

Mainly this was due to not needing to go there at all (I already created a character with Set as their religion, and had already obtained any emotes, so I never had any real need to go visit it, that and nothing within the game prompted me to go there lol

I really need to look up more often. :laughing:

Had to think hard, but old I haven’t killed that freaking snake in the unnamed city.
New Kurak’s dungeon. When it first dropped it bugged on me half a dozen times; no I left each time and tried after a relog or the next day, and just NOPE. Been told it works fairly well now but haven’t done it yet.

Pretty easy now since the nerf Deacon.

Anything added to Siptah after early access.

Exiled lands since the whole 3.0. Or even before that, I play on Savage wilds for years now, and on Isle of men.
But I saw Neebs gaming started anew on the EL, and I got the urge to play the vanilla map again, so in the near future, I will play it again.

The whole Siptah! :laughing:

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