No investigations?

Were there really no investigations in New Dawn? I did everything I can find and I don’t see any.

Did the riddle guys quit or something?


There was at least one mission planned for the zone but we have no ETA for it.

There was initially one planned, and the zone achievement was impossible to get because the achievements teased the existence of the Investigation mission.

They patched that out and presumably scrapped it, along with the other Side-Story-like missions that were mentioned for the zone.

I’m not saying the Sabotage mission they added last necessarily felt like a rush-job, but I felt it was less expansive than I had perhaps been hoping for in terms of questing time.


That “subotage” mission was shorter than most side missions.

There currently isn’t one for New Dawn. There has been mention of one being planned, but Investigations are very consuming to craft, so we have yet to see it. I don’t believe there’s been confirmation as to whether or not it’s been scrapped - it was just removed from the meta mission achievements since it’s not yet available. The achievement would just be put back in if the mission were to come out. As was the case with previous situations where a mission was added after the fact to an achievement, you would not lose your achievement(s) if you earned them prior to it being added, should that occur.

I personally hope we someday see the New Dawn Investigation in the future!

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Maybe we’ll finally solve the mystery of the Morninglight’s fetish for reel-to-reel tape machines.


I can explain that one for you. The older the technology, the longer it will last. Why do you think my ZX Spectrum still works after all these years, while several newer devices died long ago. :slight_smile:

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Because it the ZX Spectrum days, planned obsolescence circuits hadn’t been invented yet?


Admittedly the last few “new” investigations I did I was not impressed with so it might be for the best they’re gone?

Should use stone tablets then. They last longer than paper.


They will indeed.

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That’s Red Hand rather than Morninglight?

Have you seen their call center?

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Only went back to SA to complete the two new “missions”. Magnetic tape continues to be the medium of choice for backups though.

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