No lootbag after death - Bug

I logged on yesterday, played for a bit then logged off. When I came back on line my character was dead in the middle of her house (even though she was alive when I logged out). Worse there was no lootbag. Now the corpse has gone and I have lost all my equipment, including some nice items and followers given me by the neighbouring settlement. I am unsure how I raise a bug in the game or whether there is anyway to get my equipment back?


PvE or PvP?
What area is your base in?

PVE - not far from the start area at the end pf the broken road which leads to the large bridge and the small lake areas (apologies I don’t know the name of the area)

Hmm, that sounds odd, if it’s both PvE and nowhere near the dangerous (very hot/cold) areas, you should be fine when logging back in.

My friend and I only purchased the game on Friday and the same thing happened to him on the first ight. He died and we could see his corpse but he could not loot it at all. I have died since and managed to loot my corpse. Looking at the event logs it says item decayed in loot bag…but tere was no loot bag next to my corpse and I could not interact with it

The lootbag will disappear soon after your character died, even if you’re offline (since the event log says it decayed that must be what happened). So that part is fine. What’s odd is how you could die in the first place.

I wondered if there was any way the sandstorm could kill me. Do you know how long you can loot your body for?

I don’t know how long the lootbag stays after the body decays. Not terribly long though, I’m sure someone knows the figure. A rough guess is 10-20 minutes maybe? I don’t believe the sandstorm can kill you while you’re offline either, but if you logged off while it was already on you it’s possible it could’ve gotten you? Though you mention being in your house, so you should’ve been safe from the sandstorm in any case.

I think it’s the sandstorm, do you have windows in your base, or how is it built ?
Sandstone, hardened brick, or what else ? Are you full sheltered inside where you log-off ?

Sandstone walls with windows yes so not fully sheltered I guess

That’s, windows let in sandstorm, so stay away from them, or make a small room without, best just one wall hight, no windows.

Aha excellent I will start constructing something in the base and ensure that’s where I am when I log out. Many thanks for your help

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Sandstorm still shouldn’t be able to get you though, if you’re offline? I know I have “emergency logged” in the middle of one, and survived (all gear intact) once. But I guess it’s possible it got you since I don’t believe logout is instantaneous.

I’ll build a little room I think and then hopefully nothing untoward can happen when I’m logged out

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When you get further into the game, it can - there’s certain areas (Frozen North and the Volcano) that can kill you while offline, even if you’re able to survive in there while online. It’s not going to be relevant to you for a while, but now you’re warned at least!

You should be fine so, don’t let any natural game structure poke into, this also give weekness, and let in sandstorm, but with walls all around, a solid ceiling roof over your head your fine till you get some protection against the evil storms. :wink:

Good luck, and have fun !

Thanks both for the quick advice. Appreciated :slight_smile:

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