No more money on this game!

I don’t know if this is the right board or not, but I’m so pissed off right now I don’t care. I have spent my LAST cent on this damn game until yoiu fix this "falling through the floor " thats been going on forever. I would hope others would do this too since apparently thats the only thing that will get your attention.


I am right there with you on no more money spent on this game. I honestly don’t think it will help though and have already accepted I will be looking for a new favorite game.

Also beginning to believe that wasn’t a ‘fake’ chuckle about the topic when it came up in the dev stream a while back:

Same boat. Haven’t bought anything since the new/old event came out.

I know they are on vacation and some sort of patch is coming next month, but it’s too much work to actively play when I can’t move half the time.

You already bought the game, so buzz off :joy: :wink:

Remember this day when you get that itch to purchase Dune :wink:


As I’ve said I’ll pay $20 for Dune because I know funcom will give me 200 hours of game play.
But I know what to expect of funcom, so no surprises.

I got croms just waiting to be spent, but …

Yes please! Although i don’t encourage boycott, i support the cause!


'I bet we’ll fall through the floor in Dune too. Why even bother with that game if it’s being developed by the same company. They don’t care about bug fixing and keep pushing broken stuf into an overpriced bazaar and call it a game. :rofl:

Indeed, why punish yourself.
Different game same song, you know how it ends the moment you boot it up.

At any rate i support people taking a stand with their money, and don’t just stop buying you got to get people to get on here to say why they are not buying so they know what went wrong.

The bugs are making even simple things a chore.

Can always play a different game until the issue is resolved. I do it all the time. Less frustrating.


Exactly this my friend.
It’s not black magic to make a game and spend time to iron out bugs.
It’s just Funcom’s policy to sell half-baked products, make some promises and then abandon the game.

Go to your Steam account, install Age of Conan (it’s free) and try to run it, good luck, and it’s like this for years now.
If you register your account via the website it wont work with Steam client, if you register via Steam it won’t work with the website client. And Steam client does not work at all.
Age of Conan is an amazing MMO, but Funcom killed it just like they ruined Exiles. They could have ruled the survival world and kill ARK, but nope…
Exiles is still a great looking, unique game with potential, it just needs brave people who designed it in the first place to return, revamp it, and publish barbaric expansion that’s going to shake the gaming media around the world…

Yes I know, it will never happen. It is what it is.


there not working on conan because 5 months ago they launched conan on roblox. They used all their assests from here to make a purge defense game there. It works better than conan exiles purge system, lol [BETA] ⚔️ Conan Horde Slayer ⚔️ - Roblox

This is an interesting claim. Let’s look at Conan Exiles for a moment.

When I first played this game in its early access. It was pretty feature complete. The building system, the crafting system, the thralling system, etc. Combat wasn’t quite there since it didn’t have the combos, but it later got that on the Public Test version of the game right before the game released in May of 2018.

I put around several hundred hours into the game around that time before we started seeing additions to the map. Before then there was no Siptah, the ghost wall blocked access to the snowy north and the jungle. The map was much smaller. Thralls didn’t have levels. Whatever strength they had in the wild they had once broken. The strongest thralls had around 450-750hp. The building system required us to make pieces first then place them. Removing them had to be done piece by piece, and if you removed a piece at the bottom that made stuff on it lose stability, you lost those extra pieces. Also you only got half your materials back.

The game was a lot less than what it is now. Yet we all considered it a feature complete game. When the game released, we had the snowy north already added and everything was complete to us, plus some bonus content. We continued to get more additions, more areas, more dungeons, DLCs to add to our decor if we wished, and the system have been expanded.

The game has been ‘complete’ for six years. It is now complete with bonuses. You may not like some of those extra content additions or have issues with how they are implemented. But this is not a half baked unfinished game.

If you came in after 2018 and thought there wasn’t enough game here to play. Then I highly recommend uninstalling and finding something else to play. Conan Exiles was never going to be a game you would have enjoyed. Sitting around here unhappy every day trying to get subtle changes here and there is never going to get you a game you actually want to play. You need to go to your favorite retailer and find something else. That’s the only way.

There’s 2 hours left on a steam sale. I suggest you use that.


In order to see funcom’s MO you need to look at all their games, not just one.


And also be willing to address the actual complaint instead of taking a sentence out of context and straw-manning the ever-loving shіt out of it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve played most of their library.

And what if I told you that there are other things in life beside gaming?
This is why I often avoid all these gaming hives, full of weirdos who are going to target you and then stalk you across internet and social media.

Ah yes this was hard to figure out for an average Conan player.
But in real world preschool children know that when they remove the bottom block the rest of the tower is going to collapse.
But hey, who would have foreseen that, Funcom had to step in and act…

And this is exactly what I mean. The game started as a survival game, but then made a turn and changed into a game for slow thinking people without reflex.

I want Conan back, I want Conan Exiles Classic.

Then all these reviews on literally every gaming portal must have been wrong.
Because we all (you, eradication and who else?) considered the game to be complete and perfect.

Whatever dude, I play other games when I get bored. Our Conan server is only visited when we are in a mood for some fantasy-RP - an even this thanks only to amazing mods and our skilled modders, as vanilla game does not offer too many unique RP features.

Why did I even bother to write this post, IDK :joy:

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the idea that funcom stopped working on conan exiles because of a fangame is laughable. seriously dude, that’s completely out of left field. wtf is a roblox anyways?

And you’ve been given the instruction on how to play that, multiple times and yet you refuse to do it. You say you want to play classic, but you won’t play it. Actions speak louder than words do.

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That’s one possible explanation.

Another is that people were fully cognizant of how stability works, but they resented the drudgery of having to dismantle a whole bunch of pieces one by one in a specific order just to avoid wasting a ton of resources.

Not to mention that the building system was even jankier back then than it is now, so it was much easier to make a mistake when placing something.

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