No more updates please...for now

So I think the game is good enough. It was awesome 3 years ago whenever you could look at a chest or bench without the game freezing for 10 seconds, and the obolisk rubberband is… Sucky. Once you fix the falling through world death big while mining I suggest leave things alone for a while.

I’m not telling you what to do lol. I’m just asking you to quit breaking my game with every update! Its pretty playable right now so before another patch please test it before releasing it! No one really wants more stuff so bad that their willing to sacrifice the functionality of the game!

Just to toss 2cents more in here, animal corpses still stand around whenever you return to them so that’s not fixed. Bases still struggle to load, I do alot of floating in my base, I couldn’t damage a saber cat until I left and returned to him, enemies pass right through your doors now, the pirges are weeeeaaaaaaakkkk!!! And trebuchets feel useless now. But it’s still Playable so let it be for a while please!

There’s my suggestion. I have a few other suggestions and questions, like why mot improve combat mobility with spring attacks rather than neuter the dodge system, and why a dodge roll rather than a dodge step If we’re talking about realistic combat, and where are the dangerous water creatures teased forever ago, but lets forget those things for now, or forever if it means having a playable game.

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