"No multi-boxing" agreement between omni and clan during Notum wars

What did I do but propose u access to my bot for u to give ideas lol now ur just insulting me

I am simply a Consultant to Clapcom.
Before anything can be done the current vote being undertaken on what to do in regards to Multiboxing needs to be finished. What that outcome is will shape anything when it comes to an agreement.
Also, why is people coming to talk about this and come to some kind of agreement months after it failed?

I feel like I’m being pretty reasonable and Noone wants to actual make an agreement. Noone even cares to try and work with me.

Seems to me omnis and baked are the ones to want a new bot for control and manipulation

Proven poor track record on the matter at hand. Who can blame anyone, really… cmon now.

Your making absolutely no sense, but please enlighten me with your issues you have toward me

Again with this “control” and “manipulation”… this isn’t politics simulator, stop taking it there.

Isn’t that what Warside is considering that most of people we talk to seem to have the same thought about pvp, clan, omni and boxing in general? We always hear that it’s omni’s fault and that gets repeated by everyone and everything and now suddenly clan are ass kissing and admitting it wasn’t so at all?
That seems a lot like manipulation and control to me.

Zero should go back to pvm where he belongs :slight_smile:

Kc comeon… tom and lazy made an agreement with you then went and told clan no agreement. That’s on them.

Their won’t be an agreement made here obviously

They did that to wash their hands after a few individuals on clan side broke that agreement :slight_smile:

Their were no agreement made for anyone to break vik.

There was dude but whatever, i dont really care about the past. THE FUTURE IS HERE! Zero goes back to pvm, and pvp toxicity might vanish.

So do clan want an agreement now or is it a clan “leader” that wants it and is trying to force clan to take it up? Are we going to be repeating history again

Dontcry suggested good solution. That the punishment will follow if someone will break a rule. I wonder why you ignore such opportunity. If Omnis are unable to defend or attack fields without MB, then omnis don’t deserve to have tower fields.

I agree with Dontcry. You CANNOT dictate the rules for them. New bot, excluding some players, etc.

You must forgive and forget what they did. This can is how to start new and better NWs.

It seems to be somehow personal issue between you and clanners. Just leave it. Make agreement with Dontcry.
If you want to be seen as good player, you should go forward to his offer. If they broke a rule about MB then it depends on Dontcry to solve the issue with his fellow clanners.

Just say no to MB and let start from the beginning.

Im down, everyone knows how to find the faction leaders. so lets talk Asap.
get it written down. and GET REAL enforcement.

Yea point is Meliz and Vik always will mb and none going ban em on Clapcom hehe…Vik plz u been pvmer too shush

The fact that an agreement has to be made in the first place is part of the problem, why could he not just punish mb from the start of Warside? Oh cuz it didn’t benefit him or anyone else clan side, new bot comes into the sphere of possibilities and all of a sudden now it’s “Oh we’ll punish mb if you agree”… and he can’t even guarantee anything.

You’re right though Doc, it’s me that wants to “control” and “manipulate” people :rofl:

can you guarantee then that MB will be punished?