"No multi-boxing" agreement between omni and clan during Notum wars

can you guarantee then that MB will be punished?

MBers aren’t allowed on my sided bot period, they want to do that they’re completely on their own and omni can do w.e they want to them. Cry all they want, it’s on them.

Yikes Tidus busted too auto screenshots atm :smiley:

Baked u can run pvm bot none mind lol, And u can join Warside :open_mouth:

I can guarantee that if we come to an agreement it will be strongly enforced


What was stopping you from punishing people this whole time? An agreement? GET LOST xDDDDD

If you wanted a stop to mb, you would have made an example, as leaders do, of those who chose to continue after making your own bot, but you didn’t, haven’t, and highly doubt will, ever do anything about mbers of your own faction because they benefit you, period.

lol DI trying control both factions again, there no pvp again side change inc :smiley:

Seems like some solid conversation…………why can’t we just stop talking about past crap and focus on the future. 99% of the toxics are gone minus zero and it’s looks like players from both factions want a change. Omni has no problem with normal PvP, control Zero and Edge of Something boxes or kill/punish them properly when they do and we will do the same. We have agreed and stuck by the last few agreements so it will be clans turn to show some good faith and we will meet you in the middle.

idk, most of the clan side of this has been talking about not being able to “trust” me, like people are still worried about bot chats being shared with the opposite faction :rofl: that ship has long sailed on both sides, and not even me being the one sharing. :rofl:

Anyway it’s a video game that we’re all playing, we’re all trying to have fun, mb in pvp isn’t fun, and countless people agree on that, but there are people that will not abide by a no mb agreement, Zero himself has said countless times he doesn’t care about pvp, doesn’t care about AO, and recently when clan were at 0% he and Gadour spoke about how “clan deserved it”

But yeah anyway, I’m all for some things to come to an end, but with what we’ve already seen, I don’t think Warside is any different than Tnet at this point, just a new face, same disgusting beast.

i will always love AO but it’s no fun to play with the current player population. people with a lack of empathy who find any excuse to multibox and ruin the game for others. and anyone who claims it is only one side’s fault is just delusional.

i tried making no-boxing agreements on multiple occasions, with some minor success, and dealing with these people who want to box is like dealing with drug addicts lol. they somehow convince themselves that boxing is acceptable under their circumstances, they are policing the server and punishing the other side by boxing against them!! idk how people can be so delusional but here we are.

i accepted a while ago that they’ll just spit any bs they can to multibox, and it’s not worth trying to work with them, they’re just like children at this point.

I’d love to come back to a cancer free game if people can make it work but my advice is to stop wasting your time with this, if they really wanted to stop multiboxing, why havent they done anything themselves?


Hip baby I love you!!

wowowwo make the return hip, lets be cancer and toxicity free this time!!

I was thinking about the current situation in the AO and I wanted to ask you: Melizabe, Vik and Warside.
If the current pvp events in AO are almost dead, I mean, there is no good PVP in BS anymore and towers are also dead because of your huge MB. What’s the point of having all towers for omnis (or just for clan)?
Because of the 24% side XP buff when there are already XP buffs like +50% XP?
For making pvp twinks when there is no pvp?
For doing PVM twinks because 2K extra HP is good to have when you have a doctor on your team and HoTs anyway?

Do you understand that owning all the towers is pointless? It’s just a game and the towers were added for team pvp fun. Attacking and defending.

The way I see it, having towers is just for ego boosting and polishing TL7 tower for its bonuses which are useless in a dead pvp game. If someone needs TL7 towers to be good at PVM, sorry, but that player is simply a big failure.

When I am in game and I see that clan attacks omni towers, guess what I do. I wish them to take it. I would never even think that I would have such approach when clan attacks omnis. Why? Because I know that omnis took these tower fields by exploiting MB. I dont care that clan do MB. It is bad and wrong. But does it mean that we must do such bad things too?

When I logged like 2 months ago with plan to make new tower twinks. I was looking around and I had in mind to find some people who would like to join me in tower wars, people who were like Reids, Gridpain, Henaro, Hell,…who knew how to twink, how to play without exploits and be good team mates and who realize that we play this game and we towers only for pure fun, even if we are wiped and we lose.

Instead of MB, I offer to talk with each other in game and let us organize good old tower pvp style. I see that clans hate MB too. Well, some people on clan side may continue with MB, but it means that there will be always towers which we can attack and have some fun. Attacking is more fun than defending. Why? Because it is up to us when we want to have fun in NW even if we lose.

We always had this rule: If someone is afraid of losing or dying or having tower flag, such person is bad PVPer and he will never be a good one.

If there is still MB on omni side, I can reroll one alt for clan so I do not need to wait for clans to take some fields. And I would go alone without MB, so we can have even such fun. Why? Because I do not care about side XP or tower bonuses anymore. I just want to have some fun with other players who loves old team pvp style.

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“but only with a few players who decided to ruin AO by multi-boxing”

Those in charge of AO decided to ruin AO by ALLOWING multiboxing, whether it be pvm or pvp, THAT is what killed this game. Also the current community/leaders are a bunch of pre-pubescent (i wish i was right, but honestly theyre all over 40 years old and act 13) losers that seriously need a good wash, who tf wants to socialise with those except other deadbeats?

Give it a few weeks/months and those left will be that bored they’ll be arguing and splitting, swapping sides again, and more drama. Life cycle of this game nowadays

A grown man here actually said “I am simply a Consultant to Clapcom.”. A GROWN MAN. I’m out.

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Why you age shaming? And if that’s your angle then please get your facts right. Not one active pvper on Omni side is over 40…….next you gonna start making fun of people for being bald when they have a full head of hair? Deano is that you?

Lol some reply here are lolable.
Baked seriously? well at least he play both side then everything is fine and it will be a nice turnup as he cried about being tnet banned but honestly no.

The mb part? How it started? Clan were dominating (dont rant tidus we had number you didnt. And pre Zero side swap, some omnis like focus attention on him while they just didnt want you think a little about the situation) without MBing 2y ago (ish).
But tower were open at nigh gmt. Clans could take all tl7 field but meliz always log MB to take back site during night when clans log off. For weeks. And some clans noticed that a lot of omni MB were being leveled (A LOT, loged at Kite hill). And some of us said f**k this no mb arrangement as omnis will never respect it (because of numbers mostly). And we were right.
Now what is show? No arrangement is possible. Once some side will lose (clan or omni) they will use their MB joker (like meliz did, it can be outside the “open war hours” just to take back site. and with all the MB you got around they can counter balance the low number of solo player. Like how you want to impose something.
What shall happen? Fc fix his damn game (impossible to /follow in pvp area (-synch too) and real no /assist). Maybe some player would come back too.

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Thanks to Meliz and Vik for ruining this game and making it boring for omni PVPers. There is nothing to do in AO for omni people who like NW. You have accomplished something that clans like Questra, Solox, Humle never managed to do and you know that they were pain in the a… with their constant and never ending attacks and ninja planting. You made me cancel my AO account because of the current state of NW. And please don’t blame clanners for doing MB too. There is a difference if someone takes say 15 fields or if someone takes all fields when clanners don’t have enough ppl to be interested in NW in all TLs. I’ve seen Zero take fields without MB and himself…

I hope one day that will change and NW will be about having fun with friends again and not about fake organizations controlling all the fields at any cost. PVMers can play this game without tower fields. There is no reason to own all the fields. I wish you, Vik, Zero, Evilmechanic and others to understand that this is just a game and you take it too seriously and for that reason people have left AO and may leave again. What’s the point of having all the fields if there’s no one to play with(or against) at the end? It’s up to you guys. Don’t take my words the wrong way, but MB is killing this game even more and both sides know it and if Funcom can’t change it, that’s on you. But in this thread, I doubt you will manage it when there is such hatred and unability to forgive to each other for doing MB in the past. Good luck and I hope to see you one day doing normal team pvp on NW with me and my friend Hell.