No one able to connect to Official 2509 on Xbox

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No one can connect to 2509.

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This has been happening a lot to this server. I’d love to know why. I also found that someone is blocking a skeleton key on noob river, where the three skull Croc spawns. Hopefully someone at Funcom can do something about that because I know it’s against the rules.


I also can’t log into this server :frowning: It seems like during random times during the day… the server is inaccessible for hours at a time.

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Hi @NinjaKittyJen, thank you for reaching out, we’ll verify this situation together with G-Portal.


Made an account just to post this. Both Xbox One X’s in my household fail to join the server completely after the most recent update.

How embarrassing.

Thank you, also someone blocked the skeleton key on noob river near the three skull croc, Idk if you can do anything about that.

@AvatarKylo, to report players you must reach out to us privately, as indicated in our guidelines:


The big build surrounding the boss croc spawn pond?. That has been there since at least Feburary. How about Castle LagMore, that covers the arena biome?

All of this has been reported by many 09’ers. It all still stands.

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