No one at Funcom had their horses follow too close or a purge spawn inside their base?

Seriously? No one noticed that the horses followed so close that it made it hard to do anything …or that the purge mobs would teleport away or from the very first to spawn inside their base???

I have seen all kinds of complaints after updates but come on guys these two things would have been obvious if anyone had played the game

And no one who did the test live said anything about this? I guess I can understand how the players might not have built a base to check what happens during a purge but Someone at Funcom surely saw these things

I’m just ranting but…grrrr LOL

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From a developer’s perspective, I think this was something that came up because of another fix after Patch 4 was put up, but didn’t manage to get tested on TestLive.

There’s a lot of “spaghetti code” in certain places, and you can see these places pretty easily. One minor change tends to break it quite often (thralls falling one inch to their death, etc.) - I think they usually handle bugs like this by simply disabling sections of code, think they’ve handled it months later, and then re-activate the code only to find it’s still buggy.


Not just horses but elephants are pretty much unusable at the moment, as soon as you you start to gather they are there blocking the way

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue as it was reported during the last round of Testlive revisions. A fix for it is coming in an upcoming hotfix we’re planning to release as soon as possible.


On testlive, I didn’t play with horses. I always ran wherever I wanted to go. So no, horses never got too close.

And no, the purges never spawned inside my base.

So, OP, when you tested it, you didn’t find the problems either?

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