No one understood the multiple Created Characters idea

I am disappointed in the community. The idea itself could have been a tool for the dev team. How? Nerfing/buffing on different views. Those views are PVE,PVP and offline mode. The whole point was for data and research. First off most of the community didn’t read it fully here the points of it.

-Created characters aren’t thralls.

-Created characters teams could have been balanced way of testing pvp.

-Offline mode doesn’t require many players.

-Each created Character equals one spot. Meaning if you set your server to max 10 players for offline mode only 10 created characters can be made. That includes your main.

-Offline mode has nothing special about it.

That thread’s been closed for over a month, Bryan. We still have no idea what you’re talking about


just look for some friends to play with and stop smoking such bad stuff…

…or give us some of it, so that we can bear the nonsense





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No, it wasn’t. The “whole point” was to present your unique desires as a tool to gather data and do research. Nobody bought it.

Bryan wants to play with other people without having to play with actual people :wink:

To that end, Bryan suggested that the devs should add a new game mechanic so that Bryan can have multiple characters in single-player game, just like Bryan has multiple accounts on this forum. Since Bryan can only control one character at a time, Bryan also wants the devs to spend a ton of time and effort on developing specialized AI to animate all other Bryan’s characters as NPCs.

Bryan had a whole laundry list of features for this suggestion, and insisted that this was all based on “data” that Bryan got from “testing” and that it would be incredibly helpful to Funcom and other players.

If you want to spend some time going down the rabbit hole, you can read the whole topic.


Ah… makes… sense now.
Uhm… thinking about it, let’s rather not. I’d much rather prefer Funcom to fix the bug that prevents the game from starting at all :wink:


Yeah I don’t know.


Multiple characters on one account and server would be nice, just for having different builds so you don’t have to reset attributes or play as a different character from time to time, but to animate them? No. That’s too much.


Uuhhhh no thanks.


Thisn isn’t a thing. You cannot create multiple characters on a server - even offline. You okay bro?

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This thread has restored a little of my faith in humanity.

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Once again you failed to read. I’ll make it easy on you. The data of how nerfing/buffing effects pvp,pve and offline mode. The data of how bigger the clan less work each member has to do. Read I’m not going relisted everything for you.

Answer this for me. What is the max player limit per server?

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Well since I know how to use google, battlemetrics is reporting the current top server has a player limit of 100. That’s a hundred times as many as one, and 99 more people than Bryan, Balls, and Virus combined.


But is that data correct?

…yes, Bryan.


One of the people that killed my topic. Instead of being civil and respecting me as an individual you consider anyone whom agrees with this Bryan person as Bryan.

The max clan size of Conan Exiles is 60. Go to new game max clan size in the settings. The highest number is 60. Would you look at that same number as my idea suggestion. If only I had a way to mount your exile head on my wall. Conan Exiles lacks enemy trophies/war spoilers.

If you manage settings via the .ini file you can exceed the limits to the range of values imposed by the settings ui.


As long as all of those characters are you, there’s no useful data to be gained. It’s like playing chess against yourself and having a 100 % win ratio.

Or, if those other “player characters” are AI-controlled while you’re steering one, you’re still not getting actual “player versus player” data simply because the NPCs have the same stats as a player. It’s still just an AI, even if it doesn’t follow the same patterns as the current NPC AI.

And although some players are stupider than the current AI, high-level PvP is still on a class of its own compared to anything that can be reproduced by an AI.