No option to ignite Korak's transport stone at mek-kamoses

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: giannisalerno5#51760
Mods: high heels system 3.2.5, immersive armor 3.4.3, pippi, emberlight 3.5.4, greater camera distance, akuba’s salon, exilesextreme 1.5.52, thralls are alive, fashionist 4.4.7, better thralls 2.2.1, savage steel, litman item stack & container size, crafty counters, northern timber 3.0.5, hosav’s customer ui mod 2.3.11, shani’s stuff, less building placement restrictions 7.4.63, lbpr -additional features 7.1.86, level350sorcery, prn_npcequipmentloot, wx smoother corruption, easier-alchemical-base, dudes_creative_constructions, highmane’s aresenal, shadows of skelos vol. 2 1.4.3, shadows of skelos vol. 3 1.0.9, shadows of skelos - extended 1.7.5, pythagoras: expanded building 2.1.23, glass constructions and more, warrior mutator for conan exiles, RA: character customisation, stun bow, grimproductions, simplie minimap 1.1.7

Bug Description:

no option to ignite Korak’s transport stone at mek-kamoses. there is no option to craft anything to ignite the entrance to the new dungeon. it’s just empty.

Bug Reproduction:

I have gathered the necessary blood crystal and gone to mek-kamoses during the eclipse. I have placed the blood crystal in the transport stone. I have made sure that creative mode is not on. I have tried in both admin mode and non-admin mode. tried restarting my game. tried talking to mek-kamoses himself during the eclipse and otherwise. he has nothing new to say at any time.

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