«No owner» bug IMPORTANT PvP EU official 3210

Game mode: gportal official PVP (EU) 3210

1)Farming stone and wood does not work for me and my clan members at the jungle area. We just run thru the rocks and trees.

  1. «No Owner» bug!! This is really annoying and been around for almost two weeks!
    You cant see who owns the bases at all. It just says no owner on everyone including solo players. Does say no owner for your own stuff too. This makes it confusing to play PvP!!

Region: EU 3210 official

The no owner bug is the worst and need to be fixed asap… there seems to always be a major bug appearing after updates!
Fix this crap asap please


Hey there @Heyerdahl

We’re aware of the no owner issue and it has been reported during the past days a few times. Please use the search function before opening a new thread.
Thanks :slight_smile: