No Owner Still Not Patched?

I know everyone knows about the No Owner bug, but why isn’t it being hotfixed? It’s not an issue that can just wait until the next big content update. We’ve been constantly trolled since the patch and have no idea who it is lol. We can’t retaliate even if we did know who it is because we’d have no idea what buildings are theres. This is a major bug that just seems to have been swept under the rug at this point. Information is everything in a PVP survival game and every server is now in the dark and at the mercy of trolls that know we can’t find them. The patch was amazing. I love the new content and I’m glad the fixed the underwater and infinite stamina glitches the previous trolls used against us, but now that those were fixed this seemingly self inflicted glitch is almost as bad.

We just got the update… Theres no way they could get a patch out that soon afterwards unless it was for just this 1 thing…and that would be a huge waste of their time when they could do that and a bunch of other things in a patch in a week. Plus the patches Still have to go thru Microsoft certification which will take a day or two in itself. So of course its still not patched…give it time.

its a little funny my base and all the other bases all show no owner as well BUT there is one base I found that is showing an owner… one base out of all the ones on the server. really odd

Hey there,

Our team is working on a fix and it should be released in the next patch.

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