No point in collecting multiple T4 Crafters anymore?

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and yet you keep derailing just for the urgent need you have to attack or your incapacity to control yourself. bear in mind that attacking personally is against forums rules, feel free to use the tools the forum has to offer, and or talk to the moderators, to have them take action, (its NOT your job to react and attack (and call “dishonest” to anyone) negatively to other people comments)

back to the topic, @Community please i do hope you revisit the importance of having rewards associated with t4s thralls , it is one of the core mechanics! something some of us spend time to track and capture. lol…

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Does something like this exists in Conan? For newcomers maybe and only because of dreaming for NEW players to play this game i Think that changing the Power from thralls to benches was a good ideea.

Thralls were never a issue on Siptah (maybe in the First month, cant remember which Update it was). I started playing official again for almost a month now, i am amazed At the amounts of thralls i have got since i started surging. I have 9 alchemists(After 8 surges)…they are spawning almost every surge twice.

Truth be told, for players like me, that have their Main game around capturing thralls and aim for best stats, this entire change was kinda game over…surprisingly Siptah keeps me at it and with the Addition of camps, ill be sold again for a while.

The entire Crafting system(weapons/armor) needs more “juice”, or let’s call it Diversity. From what i have read and seen 2.3 Brings some of that Diversity. Me personally, i would like that the delved recipes(weapons/armors) to have a Different skin :stuck_out_tongue:

And to answer the topic.

There is a point in doing anything you enjoy doing. If gathering thralls is your thing you do not need any reasons to do it. Trade them, hand them to players that come back to check the game and do want to see the NEW stuff instead of the same old.
I do not know why i enjoy gathering thralls, but i am good at it and this is my point.


i have to agree with some of your points there, however, it was fun (for me) to go track and farm for grr legbiter , (only one who could make the flawless hyperborean armor at the time) some people like to collect , some might not need a reason, some people does want to have a reason, there was a reason for so long that it makes (to me) no sense to just not have a “reason” to hunt them! yup like a pokemon thing i guess lol.

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We adapt,right?

On Exiled Lands, you go and Kick them in the head.
On Siptah though, you Had to do something else aswell in Order to even get a chance to a rare thrall. Either you were roaming the maelstrom or building inside, it was that extra thing that u Had to do. Above that, the ridiculous RNG present at the begining was dissapointig, u need it so much of the maelstrom stuff but the reward was not coming. Now is not the case anymore and i often ask myself what will happend Next?

Again, for a NEW player this is a welcomed change. I have friends(new to Siptah) that dream of having t4 thralls After playing months already. They do not know what advantages higher tier thralls give because they are satisfied with the way benches work now. It was more confusing for me when the Update camed out then for them.

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I say have cultural armors at any tier level of that thrall’s tribe but armors can be adjusted in both temp resistance and bonus based on 1)tier level and 2) armorer tribe…you can mix and match then.

Don’t forget non-epic armors. I haven’t been able to build any epic armor sets on Siptah because star metal is near impossible to get without admin spawning in singleplayer.

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I must admit that it is mostly the change to the Armourers that I don’t like (and to the Cooks, to a certain extent). The rest of the thralls are fine for collecting because they all have “mass production” purposes that make having several named T4s useful. For instance, having several Blacksmiths can be useful for creating reinforcement parts for T3 building later on and several Alchemists is good for producing all the steelfire and consolidant you need.

However, when it comes to Armourers and Cooks, if there is no uniqueness amongst them then you only really need 1 of each. They generally don’t have to mass produce anything unless you’re part of a huge group that services numerous players. So having some uniqueness between them, like we did with the unique recipes they used to offer, was so much better than it is now. I hope they can find a way to reintroduce this somehow.

It would be nice if all named thralls – crafters and followers – had some unique gameplay detail to them. Or at least, if each combination of faction and thrall occupation had some unique detail.


It would also be nice if they had a specific appearance to them - the named ones that is. They look so generic that it somehow makes them feel less special.

I know they tried to improve this by making the new ones huge, but thats not really a great solution because they still look like everyone else, just stupidly large. Having some more stand-out features on them would be way better in my opinion, like you get with Beastmaster Teimos.


They used to be unique. Somewhere along the way, some FC widget decided that they should all wear aprons and gloves and cloth. Pretty sure that wasn’t the art departments decision. Most likely some genius in upper management.


Have you checked out Jhebal Sag’s thralls? They surely look Different.

Huge? They surely are bigger, but not After you take them off the wheel. They return to normal once done with breaking.

Do you mean the werehyenas? They’re the only Jhebbal Sag npcs I can think of that look very different, but they can’t be made into thralls, so they don’t count. They’re classed as monsters.

The new named T4s do indeed revert back to normal size once you enthrall them, yes, so even that minor difference disappears once you have them. Then they just blend in with the rest of your thralls. Then again you can say the same about Beastmaster Teimos too, as he loses his special armour once you take him off the wheel.

It would just be nice to see some crazy unique hair styles/colours, or scars, or tattoos or different body shapes (eg really fat or really thin)… or anything visually different with the named T4s to make them stand out more as special. Something where you can look at a picture of them and say “Ah yes, I recognise him, that’s …”.

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There is a mod for it, but I’d love Funcom enable dressing our thralls in whatever outfits we chose. Long press on them to open a clothing inventory option? Doesn’t seem so hard to do, especially when modders already have their solution.


I do not know how they are called on Exiled Lands( The Den faction) unfortunately i do not play Exiled Lands without Mods But on Siptah they look Different then the normal( even if only the gloves and helmet). I am only talking about crafter thralls, fighters/archers do look all the same.

Ah, I haven’t played Siptah yet. I’m waiting for them to expand it before I try it. In the Exiled Lands the faction is called the Dogs of the Desert.

Personally I don´t like the new system at all. In the past I had chests full of thralls, I collected them all for rp reasons even on a pvp servers. I don´t get why they have thought that the new system is way better, because in the end for pvp nothing really has changed. Before you where npc camping to get bnaru for the darfari armor. Now you are npc camping to get t4 damage thralls to make your already op craftable weapons even more op. This includes the mitra priests.

I am way past the point where I ask myself why Funcom is changing a good system to f… it up really hard without, well, changing it to something that is actually better then before. Nowaday I just sit in my chair and shake my head after each update, take a zip of my coffee and say: “ok … your better off playing another game for a while” and so I do.

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Even with the new system your still gonna want multiple t4 crafters for faster performance in building bases and bombs just saying :wink:

I already raised and addressed that point myself about 10 posts up. You must have missed it.

Its true, but not for certain thralls, such as Armourers and Cooks, who are not needed in great numbers and its those thralls that have suffered the most loss of uniqueness under the change to the system. Hell, even with Alchemists now you can get away with having just 2 or 3 in a decent-sized operation - with the right benches they blast through their workload in no time at all and none have unique recipes anymore.

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