No purge for 3 days

Xbox One
Official server 7100

We have had a full purge meter for 3 days and no purge. Several times it has started and stopped but never actually gives us the on screen notification that it is starting, only a note in the event log.

I too have this issue! It’s been maxed 5 days now for me. Over a week I’ve been over the purge line!
Everyday the log shows a 2 or 3 minute purge.
3 of them have come before and after official purge time of 6 - 10pm.

I only heard the horn once, it was the second after I had died. Load back to base. No purge.

Becareful what you wish for!
I finally got my purge unexpectedly. Moved everyone outside ready for it.
A “Patrol” of cursed spawned inside my enclosed behind doors base.
I lost about 85% of everything I collected since launch.
I am not very happy.

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The whole server I play on is experiencing, one tribe gets a purge a day and its alaways during raid time when purges still arent supposed to be aloud

You don’t expect those purges to be quiet, do you?

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