No Purge For 5 Days

Game mode: (Online official) -#2132
Type of issue: | Bug |
Server type: PvE
Region: American
Hardware:* Xbox Series X

Bug Description:

Purge meter has been full for 5 days and we have had people online every time it’s supposed to happen.

Expected Behavior:

Maxed out meter after moving to new location and deleted old base and no purge.

Steps to Reproduce:

No idea on how to undo do bug

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Hi there and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
One thought occurs - did you by any chance move your new base to the noob river area? There was a change to purges with the most recent update that means the south side of the river is no longer supposed to get purges.

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No we did not we moved just north of New Asgarth on the hill.

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Have you tried forcing one with a convergence trap?

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No I have not and how does one go about doing that?

Bump, still no solution


Once the purge meter is full you will get a chance to have a purge. If there are other clans or players with their meter full they will limit your opportunity for a purge.

The purge can occur with, or without any clan members online.

However, sometimes the purge does seem to have an issue triggering normally. Unfortunately the method involving a convergence trap, is only available on Siptah.

The only suggestion I can make to resolve this is for the clan leader to remove all players from the clan, and finally remove themselves. This will disband the clan, and remove the timer. (As long as the leader is the last remaining member you will keep all buildings).
Then you can reform the clan, and the purge should hopefully trigger next time.

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Thank you Lord I will try booting my clan members and disbanding the clan then re-invite.

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Still waiting to fill purge meter post disband. It did reset timer but taking longer than usual to build up.

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The purge meter if filled by various actions;

  • Killing Players (200 points)

  • Killing NPCs (200 points)

  • Placing any tier building piece (200 points)

  • Initial login/ deaths (after login) (100 points)

  • In game timer (62.5 points)

To add to the purge meter, each action can only be completed once every 15 minutes (on official).
It also only applies (but is not restricted) to one clan member. So if you place one foundation, or your clan places 100, you will still only get 200 points.

The most efficient way to fill your meter is to complete all of those actions once every 15 minutes. As you are on PvE you would need to use a battle standard to kill a player.

Hope that helps!


It certainly helps me, I always forget how that works :laughing: No wonder I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my purge meter - I thought the time period was 1hour, not 15 mins, lol.

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Ya we’ve been doing that for a week straight almost now with some of us pulling up to 12 hours a day and still at 1/4th meter filled. It’s getting kinda of insane at this point.

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