No purge not coming to base on Lake near murielas hope?

Have round base on Lake with 2 access points to land plus 2 additional buildings made from over 200 foundations,… purge meter full,… purge is activated when I travel to nearest camp to my base located where the werewolves are but purge is then triggered at other further distanced base near cimmerian camp in the North? Puzzled? Help!!

West and North lakes i get Demons(imps/bats/dragons) and Scorpions.

Most of spawn point are on edge of area, one next to Black Rhino, but they tend get stuck in water trying circle around.

Never had purge on South side of lake. (never tried force it there honestly…) I’ve had multi bases Alone South lake.

The game checks map for Purge locations and chooses one (the whole “nearest” base thing is not 100%. Game may just happen pick one of other bases. Lucky… rrr unlucky I guess.

Fun of RNG. Or building on Lake is no purge zone. Few spot on map like that.

Ahhh tnx dude I’ve had the purge meter full a few times but nothing happens until I venture towards that camp Jhbbal sag were the werewolves are then purge just triggers to my base near the cimmerian camp or if I venture the other way towards unnamed city it triggers to my other base near sepermeru… ? Very Strange… I also have buildings around the side of the lakes and 2 Bridges from the main base leading to the land ?.. spose its just one of those things… all my other bases are ok… tnx anyway…

I built an outpost in close proximity to the adjoining oasis myself, in the hope that I would receive an Alchemists Purge. However, it never seems to initiate.

Yeh it’s a strange one,… once again my purge meter is full so I head out towards Africa,… where the elephants lions and tigers are,… Finally I got a purge of demons ( imps an bats) it seems If u travel in a certain direction it triggers at the appropriate base . Will wait till purge meter is full and travel in the same direction to conclude… Im thinking its definitely isn’t a random thing,… so when I travel:
From King Rhino base to unknown city triggers sepermeru base
From king Rhino base to jhbals sag triggers stormwatch base nr New asagarth ( human purge only location)
From King Rhino base to Africa triggers King Rhino base… this is the pattern

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